A David knocking down Goliaths in the Telco industry

August 18, 2015

The world woke up this morning to a great testimonial by Forbes about Affirmed’s disruptive efforts in the telco market (Read: Cisco Systems, Ericsson Losing Business To 200 Person Startup) close on the heels of Forbes naming Affirmed Networks in the “Next Billion Dollar” Startup list. The article speaks about how, in the midst of big incumbents like Cisco and Ericsson, Affirmed has been able to capture the attention and wallet of the world’s leading operators.

Affirmed recognized early on that the business model for mobile operators is unsustainable – costs to scale the network to support more data traffic will continue to grow but the average revenue per subscriber is on the decline. Affirmed provided operators with a solution to this problem- a fully virtualized mobile packet core that reduces the total cost of ownership of the mobile core by 60-70%. (Read: Total Cost Of Ownership report) than legacy solutions. The article also highlights the advantage of Affirmed’s virtualization solution on the revenue side of the equation
“Affirmed also helps mobile operators to boost revenues by letting them test out new offers — like charging fans of bicycle racing $10 a month service to watch the Tour de France live. As Ahmed explained, “Our product lets mobile operators set up such new services in 10 to 15 minutes – setup takes nine to 12 months using traditional architectures.”

The CEO of Affirmed Networks, Hassan Ahmed, along with a world class engineering organization and a seasoned management team is leading the transformation as operators move from legacy architectures to virtualized infrastructures that offer a host of benefits from both a technical and economic perspective. With over 25 customers and 40+ trials, Affirmed has positioned itself as a market leader, in virtualized mobile networks.

Hassan Ahmed also speaks about how NFV has migrated from being a concept to a reality. Watch,

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