Affirmed Networks Nominated as Finalist for 2015 SPIFFY Award from the Silicon Valley Telecommunication Council

September 29, 2015

Company Recognized for its Innovation and Ability to Execute

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is an organization focused on connecting companies and individuals involved in the region’s Communications Technology industry for the purposes of networking, collaboration, and education and has become a hub for telecom professionals in the Valley.

As part of their overall program, the Council has created the Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF), a group of representatives from wireless & wireline carriers’ venture capital and R&D divisions who meet monthly to review new technologies, products, and companies. Earlier this year, Affirmed Networks was invited to present at the SPIF, where we shared our views on the future of today’s networks with an interactive audience of service providers, equipment manufacturers and members of the broader telecommunications ecosystem. Shortly after the session, Affirmed Networks was notified that it was nominated as a finalist for the company’s 2015 SPIFFY Awards that will be announced later this week.

Finalists, for these awards, are chosen from nearly 200 early-stage companies representing a broad range of telecom products and services presented in Telecom Council meetings from June 2014 to May 2015, with awards being distributed across seven categories. Affirmed Networks is being considered for the “Edison Award” which is given to the “most innovative start-up” and is viewed “most likely to succeed” by a judging panel comprised of representatives from the world’s top network operators.

Affirmed Networks is also a finalist in the category of “Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity”. This award recognizes the best investment opportunity within the fixed telecom sector. We are honored that the Telecom Council has recognized Affirmed’s contribution to the industry and the organization’s ability to bring innovations continuously and successfully into the market.

As you can imagine, Affirmed Networks is thrilled to be considered for this year’s awards from such an important and respected industry organization. Past winners of SPIFFY awards include an impressive of list of companies from across our industry including Cisco, Sprint and Orange, among many others.

While our primary focus as an organization continues to be on delivering on behalf of our customers, being recognized for our innovation and commitment to success can only be seen as an Affirm-ation of the passion and pride we bring to the office every day.

Good luck to all the finalists across all of the SPIFFY categories.