Virtual Probe (vProbe): Why it has to be “Native”?

Security, health, and performance of the mobile network are critical for operators. Real time access to this information in a quick, intelligent, and cost- effective way is equally important. Traditionally, this is solved by installing a hardware- based TAP/fiber splitter and network probe/packet broker. But with tremendous growth in number of subscribers, devices, and data usage on the network,

M2M:- Rise of the machines

The internet as we all understand is a network of computers capable of exchanging information between one and another. With the smartphones, tablets, and netbooks, the mobile internet now has an enormous amount of devices that are connected to one another. It is evident that humans are well connected through these networks of computers and smartphones and the

Not all NFV’s are created Equal

Gartner published its hype cycle and Communication for this year. It shows NFV at the “Trough of Disillusionment” on the curve. This is usually the case with any new technology. As a new technology comes along, it brings along its share of pretenders. In the dot-com boom-bust, a lot of companies bought into the “dot-com” hype