Honoring the Affirmed Legacy & Continuing the Evolution

June 8, 2015

whiteford_smallWhen Affirmed Networks was founded to revolutionize the way mobile networks were built, we sought a name that would reflect the type of success the company would have in the coming years.  Ultimately, the team decided to go with “Affirmed Networks” based on the success of a thoroughbred racehorse of similar name that won the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing in 1978.  (The famed and elusive Triple Crown title goes to the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes).

american-pharaoh-congratsAffirmed’s achievement had not been matched for 37 years – until Saturday when a 3-year-old colt named American Pharoah became the first horse to achieve this distinction since 1978.  This is no small feat — since Affirmed’s title 13 horses had won the first two races, only to fail in the third, potentially “crowning achievement.”  This is the stuff legends are made of, as American Pharoah overcame fears of tired legs to re-write history and join one of the greatest of all time in the history books forever.

All of us at Affirmed Networks are proud of the legacy of our namesake, but also understand that every once in a while someone truly remarkable emerges to make a mark on history.  Congratulations American Pharoah!

This achievement only adds to the legacy of Affirmed, who will be remembered by the sports world forever. In joining Affirmed at the top of the sport, American Pharoah has honored what came before him, and once again demonstrated that change and evolution — while rare — are constants.

We see this in our own business.  Named for a legend, Affirmed Networks is in many ways very similar to American Pharoah, as we both are in the process of re-writing history and evolving our fields.  We both are fortunate to have been able to build on a solid foundation of what came before us, one that enabled our own success.  For a thoroughbred, winning the Triple Crown is the ultimate goal.  For a company in the process of transforming how networks are built, we have similar goals, and amassing more than 20 customers, including the likes of AT&T, and another 40+ trials puts us well on our own way to what we believe will be the Telecommunications equivalent of the Triple Crown.

Moving forward, we hope American Pharoah continues to build his own legacy with future success.  (Worst case, a life of being a prized “stud” for the future of racing is not a bad alternative).   For Affirmed Networks, we still have a lot of work to do.  Every day we work to cement our own legacy, and hope that we can continue to honor our namesake while also following in the (four) footsteps of the newest champion as we continue to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) handle more network traffic, compete more effectively in the marketplace and to roll out compelling new services more quickly than ever before.