Light Reading CEO-to-CEO Video: “Digging into NFV”

May 29, 2015

whiteford_smallAs one of the companies driving the evolution of today’s networks, Affirmed Networks continues to be recognized as a market leader of the ever-changing telecommunications market.

Most recently, Affirmed Networks’ Chairman and CEO, Hassan Ahmed, participated in one of Light Reading’s “CEO-to-CEO” interviews hosted by Stephen Saunders, CEO, Light Reading. Joining the likes of Cisco, Ericsson, HP and Ciena – basically the Goliaths of our industry – Affirmed Networks was proud to be among such good company for this high profile and sought-after opportunity with one of the most popular publications covering our industry.

The video, which was filmed at Light Reading’s New York offices, focused on the state of NFV, key requirements operators are looking for in deploying “unified” NFV architectures, and the future of standards in our industry.

For a highly-educational video on the state of our exciting industry, click here.

(You may not laugh or cry, but it’s certainly better than CATS!)