Light Reading Recognizes Affirmed Networks for Innovation & Execution

April 26, 2016

Over the past several years, Affirmed Networks has been leading the industry’s transition toward virtualized networks – a journey that began with an evaluation of the technology as a potential game-changer and has now moved to widespread adoption as Communications Service Providers (CSPs) globally embrace the NFV as the next-generation network architecture.

Throughout this evolution, the team at Affirmed has diligently maintained its focus on developing world-class technology and delivering solutions that are transforming our customers’ networks, and more importantly, their bottom-lines. While the success of our customers continues to be our sole benchmark of success, it is becoming clear that the impact we are having is being noticed by the industry’s top observers and influencers.

This past week, Affirmed Networks was named as a finalist in two key categories as part of Light Reading’s annual Leading Lights awards program that coincides with the Big Communications Event taking place in Austin, TX in May. Specifically, we have been short-listed as a finalist in the “Best New Product (Telecom)” and “Company of the Year (Private)” categories, which is a tremendous honor.

We believe that our recognition in the “Best New Product” category is the result of our continued focus on developing and delivering technologies designed to meet the needs of our customers as they transition toward NFV-based architectures. While over the past year we have delivered several examples of innovative functionality and solutions – such as our Virtualized Wi-Fi Gateway and Active Intelligent vProbe – that are worthy of recognition, the solution that Light Reading has chosen to honor among the best new products for telecom operators is the Affirmed Service Automation Platform, or ASAP as we call it. We believe ASAP is squarely in line with the needs of operators as it reduces the time it takes to create and deliver new services across legacy and virtualized networks. ASAP allows operators to seamlessly and centrally manage service provisioning end-to-end, leading to faster service deployments, simplified service management, and a superior customer experience. Just as our Mobile Content Cloud offering has been critical in helping the network transform to virtualized architectures, our ASAP solution is another example of the type of innovation that Affirmed Networks has been committed to delivering to the industry since we were founded, and we are extremely honored that it has been selected as a finalist for this coveted award.

We believe that our selection as a finalist in the “Company of the Year (Private)” category is representative of the overall efforts of our entire team . We are now supporting 30 customer deployments and an additional 40 trials. We have continued to deliver innovations to the market, while supporting live deployments at some of the world’s largest operators including AT&T, LG U+, Telus, Vodafone and many others across all geographies. While we are proud of our efforts, we are truly honored to receive the recognition and consideration for this award.

On behalf of all of us at Affirmed Networks, we would like to thank Light Reading for recognizing our continued focus on innovation and our goal of helping operators worldwide to realize the transformative benefits of NFV as a next-generation architecture. It truly is an honor to be recognized among so many worthy candidates.
(A full list of this year’s finalists can be viewed here.)

We hope to see y’all in Austin.