New Report Examines Service Orchestration: Provides Insights into How CSPs can Embrace the Platform Revolution

October 6, 2016

Affirmed Networks Sponsors TM Forum Orchestration Insight Report

A recently released report from the TM Forum, and sponsored by Affirmed Networks, takes a close look at how Communications Service providers (CSPs) can save, on average, the equivalent of their entire capital budget by embracing new Service Orchestration technologies and processes. According to the report, these savings stem largely from the operational efficiencies gained from this approach, without including the increased agility CSPs gain as well.

While the potential for achieving these material savings is real, the report looks at some of the challenges CSPs face when attempting to orchestrate services across virtualized and physical networks. Through the findings of the report, CSPs can gain an in-depth view of best practices for effectively leveraging Service Orchestration to gain optimal business results. Specifically, the report includes insights into the following areas:

  • How service providers define orchestration
  • Where orchestration happens
  • Why automation is necessary
  • What the business drivers are
  • How service providers are implementing orchestration
  • What the most important architectural considerations or steps are
  • What the biggest challenges are for deployment
  • What the role is for open source
  • How TM Forum’s strategic programs and Catalysts can help

Stay tuned for additional blogs from Affirmed Networks looking at some of the key findings and areas of focus in the report.

Affirmed’s partners and customers can access a free, downloadable version of the report here.