Not all NFV’s are created Equal

October 2, 2015

Gartner published its hype cycle and Communication for this year. It shows NFV at the “Trough of Disillusionment” on the curve. This is usually the case with any new technology. As a new technology comes along, it brings along its share of pretenders. In the dot-com boom-bust, a lot of companies bought into the “dot-com” hype and eventually went bust or gave up on the idea.

Companies that are built upon hype but do not add any real value and lose focus of their customers, are eventually purged. This has become a norm in the industry. The companies that survived went to rewrite history and redefine how the world works.

Similarly, when the dust settles in the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) landscape, only those companies that have a true NFV solution and execute flawlessly will remain and continue to flourish. NOT all NFV solutions are created equal. The Affirmed NFV solutions are built from ground up unlike other incumbents who still trying hard to hold on to their legacy systems and only doing lip service to NFV. With our relentless NFV focus and customer obsession we have established ourselves as the market leader in the NFV space.  Affirmed NFV solutions are far superior to all solutions in the market. The Affirmed solution has differentiated and best in class features such as,

  • Dynamic capacity  scaling : Ability  to  flexibly  scale  network  capacity  up  or  down  as  network traffic  increases/decreases  leading  to  better  network  performance  and  fewer  stranded
  • Geo-independence : MNOs  can  pool  network  resources  centrally  and provision  them  dynamically  across  geographies  to  reduce  under/overcapacity  in  certain
  • Clustered Architecture: Consolidating the EPC functions like PGW and SGW into a single cluster to increase the overall efficiency.
  • Built‐In Load Balancing: In built load balancer for incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  • N-Way Redundancy and Continuous Availability: Several layers of redundancy and availability in case of failures.
  • Collapsed EPC  and  Gi LAN  Functionality:  Collapsing  EPC  and  Gi  LAN  functions  into  a  single  software  solution  reduces  the  number  of  platforms  deployed,  overall  complexity  of  the  network, and time  to create  and  launch  new
  • Service Chaining and Orchestration : The  ability  to  seamlessly  connect  and  automate  service flows increases  both  the  kind  of  services  that  an  MNO  can  deliver  and  the  speed  with  which  they can  deliver
  • Support for Commercial Hypervisors and COTS Hardware.

With millions of subscribers on live networks, over 25 customers and 40+ trials, Affirmed Networks is uniquely positioned to see a different trend towards success. At Affirmed, we already see NFV on the “Slope of Enlightenment” and fast approaching the Plateau of Productivity.