Service Providers Speak: Why They’re Adopting Orchestration and How

January 5, 2017

In this third blog post about the TM Forum report on Orchestration, we’re going to look into why service providers are adopting orchestration and how.

Top Business Drivers for Orchestration
According to a survey taken by CIOs and VPs in networking and operations, network and systems architects, IT managers, OSS/BSS directors, and software develops, the biggest reason service providers are automating through orchestration is to increase agility.

The infographic below displays the six main drivers for orchestration based on the survey, with agility implied in all three.



Top 3 Drivers for Network Virtualization

These results are not surprising. In other research completed by TM Forum about NFV, nearly 80% of respondents said that reducing time from conceptualizing a service to billing for it was the main driver for virtualization.



What Orchestration Systems Are Service Providers Using?service-orchestration
Almost two-thirds of respondents said that they have either purchased an orchestration system from a startup or established supplier, or they have developed their own using open-source technology. A deeper explanation of purchased or developed systems is shown in the infographic to the right.

Although operators may choose different methods of adopting orchestration, they are all headed in the same direction.

In the next blog we will delve into what is needed for orchestration.