NFV Tipping Point: China Mobile Outlines Phased Approach for NFV

March 27, 2015

Angela WhitefordAs we have previously shared, Affirmed Networks continues to experience significant traction with Tier 1 operators worldwide. This is reflective by our 20+ customers, our more than 40 trials, and by the strong interest we saw at Mobile World Congress 2015 as operators now fully realize that the adoption is not a “if” but a “when.” There is no doubt, the NFV tipping point is upon us.

More evidence was highlighted in a recent report authored by China Mobile, the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China. With the world’s largest mobile network, and more than 800 million subscribers (also a world record), China Mobile is not just big, they have always been viewed as one of the most innovative operators in the industry. This focus on innovation was highlighted recently as the company provided a glimpse into how they view their ultimate deployment of NFV. Specifically, China Mobile outlined a unique, three-phased approach for deploying NFV in an end-to-end architecture across their mobile network.

As the graphic below indicates, China Mobile’s phased view for NFV spans the short-term, mid-term and long-term and spans all aspects of their network. As part of this view, China Mobile also outlined a list of vendors that it views as having the potential to support their innovative approach. We are very proud to report, that Affirmed Networks was included in this list – one of the few emerging players in a list of the usual suspects (legacy equipment providers). While this should not be viewed as a formal vendor selection, we are excited to be included and view it as yet another strong acknowledgement from the industry that supports what we all believe – that Affirmed Networks is the company that will lead the evolution and virtualization of today’s mobile network. To quote Malcolm Gladwell*, we believe that NFV has reached that “magic moment” and is about to “spread like wildfire.”

As China Mobile’s view supports, the tipping point has crossed the threshold.

*Malcolm Gladwell is the author of The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference