Upcoming Light Reading Webinar Offers Real World Perspectives from Influencers & Innovators on the Deployment of NFV and the Road to 5G

September 28, 2017

In case you missed it, the move to the cloud is all around us – especially in the global telecoms market where NFV continues to be adopted to help accelerate the delivery of the new, exciting services that consumers crave.  While we see proof of this in the headlines, few of us ever fully see the challenges and considerations that occur as part of the deployment of transformational technology such as NFV. We also miss out on how operators and vendors are preparing for the coming 5G standard, which many believe offers a wealth of opportunity for the entire industry.  Will we ever get the inside story?

Well, I am happy to answer that question with a resounding “YES!”

On October 4th, leading innovators with in-depth knowledge related to the deployment of NFV in a “5G Ready” world will offer a front row seat into the real-world opportunities and challenges presented by NFV and 5G.  This Light Reading webinar, moderated by Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst – Wireless Data Services & LTE, Heavy Reading (and one of the industry’s most influential analysts in this space), will provide hands-on perspectives from two of the early innovators in NFV.  To reflect how carriers are embracing NFV to transform their business and their bottom line, the webinar will feature Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO of Telus, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company. He will share his views on how to best deploy NFV and on how the company is preparing to fully embrace 5G.  The vendor perspective will be shared by Hassan Ahmed, Chairman and CEO of Affirmed Networks, who will offer lessons learned from their involvement in more than 60 deployments worldwide.

In short, the session offers a great opportunity to get the story behind the transformation, which promises to be a “must see” event.  We hope you will join us.

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