Say “Yes” to the Future with Affirmed’s 5G-Ready Solutions

5G will change the way the world communicates—and the way that communications service providers build their networks. Mobile networks will need to support multiple access models seamlessly, from 4G to Wi-Fi to radio spectrums we’ve never used before. Networks will need to intelligently “slice” their traffic to support billions of low-bandwidth sensors and trillions of minutes of high- quality video. New mobile services will be customized and launched in hours rather than months.

But you don’t need to wait for the network of tomorrow. Affirmed solutions support 5G requirements right now, from service automation to network virtualization. The future is going to be an amazing place. Let Affirmed help you do amazing things with your network today.

Affirmed Solutions are Ready for the Future. Are You?
  • Affirmed’s Service Automation platform (ASAP) reduces service creation time/costs by as much as 97% and enables you to configure services across any network element, virtualized or appliance based.
  • Advanced network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities deliver a common, composable and highly scalable mobile core that reduces capex/opex costs by 67% or more.
  • Built-in support for a wide variety of mobile access models including 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and 5G technologies means you’re ready for whatever the future holds.
  • Imbedded probe (vProbe) delivers the only real solution to for virtual network monitoring and analytics, driving costs down by 50% or more..
  • Affirmed’s virtualized architecture supports various options for network slicing including multiple APNs, multiple logical gateway instances per cluster, multiple clusters per shared hardware and support for 3GPP dedicated core network feature.