Billions of devices. One solution to handle them all.

The Internet of Things will bring tens of billions of connected devices into mobile networks. The ideal IoT solution must provide operators with a complete service offering that offers high value to their enterprise customers, while being able to scale economically as IoT business expands.

Affirmed IoT Solution For Service Providers

Affirmed Networks’ IoT Solution delivers profitable IoT services with an end-to-end solution that includes Virtualized Connectivity, the Affirmed IoT Service Platform, and IoT Services. As the proven leader in virtualized connectivity, Affirmed has chosen platform capabilities and services partners with unsurpassed enterprise experience and a deep track record working with leading mobile operators to deliver profitable IoT solution.

Solution Components:
  • Affirmed Virtualized Connectivity:
    • 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, LTE-M Mobile Core
    • NB-IoT Mobile Core including C-SGN, SCEF, SCS
    • IoT Home Subscriber Server (HSS)
  • Affirmed IoT Platform:
    • Connectivity Support Platform
    • Applications Enablement Platform
    • Device Gateway
    • Analytics
    • Security and Billing
    • Standards-compliant open architecture interoperable with 3rd party solutions
  • Affirmed IoT Services
    • Design, Integration, and Professional Services
    • Managed and Hosted Services

Unlike vendors offering a ‘one-size-fits’ all approach, Affirmed’s IoT Solution gives customers maximum deployment flexibility and seamless integration with existing systems. The foundation of this solution is Affirmed’s virtualized Mobile Packet Core, which features an open architecture with standard interfaces and APIs, enabling faster time to market/revenue for a diverse set of IoT services.

Network Slicing

The Affirmed IoT Solution supports advanced capabilities such as network slicing that allow mobile operators to offer customized services by customer, industry vertical or application within same network architecture.

Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) for Critical IoT Services

Affirmed’s virtualized architecture supports CUPS which is required to support high bandwidth low latency Critical IoT Services. The packet core network is split into user- plane nodes and control plane nodes which can be scaled independently. This allows operators to place user plane nodes closer to the network edge for high bandwidth, latency-sensitive services