Launch It: Say “Yes” to New Services

Increased consolidation and competition among traditional service providers and the emergence of over-the-top providers have resulted in more pressure on mobile network operators to innovate and differentiate with new services. Many operators, however, are still using legacy value-added services (VAS) systems that are costly and slow to provision, leading to market delays and missed opportunities. With Affirmed Networks, mobile operators can say “yes” to new services through advanced service chaining, dynamic policies, and simplified provisioning.

Creating, provisioning, and launching new subscriber services can often take months, compromising the ability of mobile operators to capitalize on new market opportunities. With Affirmed’s Mobile Content Cloud (MCC) solution, operators can create, provision, and launch new services in minutes. With its service chaining capabilities and easy-to-use graphical interface, the MCC solution enables mobile operators to quickly combine a multitude of value-added services and policies to create innovative, customized, revenue-generating services.

  • Affirmed Open Workflow: Features a unique Services Workflow Orchestration framework that provides subscriber classification and functions chaining, allowing operators to construct subscriber specific services (also called workflows) in minutes instead of months in the legacy silo architectures.
  • Affirmed Acuitas Element Manager: Allows for simplified, centralized provisioning and management of MCC functions and services for greater agility and flexibility. It integrates seamlessly with operations, administration and management (OA&M) layer to provide unified visibility and control across the entire network.
Create Customized Services

The speed and agility of Affirmed’s service creation environment means that operators can now build profitable services around selected groups of customers for more finely tiered offerings. Combined with Affirmed’s subscriber segmentation and analytics tools, mobile operators can leverage new customer insights to quickly launch targeted offerings across their entire subscriber base. For example, an operator might combine customer data, policy rules, video optimization, and dynamic pricing services to create new customer offers around video streaming for live sporting events, from the Tour de France to the World Cup.

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