Flex It: Say "Yes" to a More Efficient Network

As mobile networks have evolved from 2G to 4G, they’ve also grown in size and complexity with more network elements, more vendors, and more protocols to manage. Affirmed Networks provides a smarter path to network transformation by adding scale and new capabilities while reducing complexity and cost. With Affirmed’s virtualized Mobile Core solutions, mobile network operators and MVNOs / MVNEs, can quickly build—or build out—their 4G networks using a single, virtualized, feature-rich, high-performance platform.

Mobile Content Cloud

Affirmed’s virtualized Mobile Core solutions provide a complete, consolidated Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution that runs together on a single, virtual hardware instance for better performance, scalability, and cost. The vEPC solution features fully-virtualized instances of each key Mobile Core function, including:

  • 3GPP-compliant Serving GRPS Support Node (SGSN) and Mobile Entity Management (MME) functions to support large-scale network services for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and VoLTE;
  • 3GPP-compliant Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), Serving Gateway (SGW), and PDN Gateway (PGW) functions with broad protocol support for external networks;
  • Service Workflow Orchestration that enables operators to create and launch customized multi-service offerings in days (and not months);
  • WiFi Access: Evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) and Trusted WLAN Access Point/Gateway (TWAP/TWAG) functions for secure access to trusted and untrusted WiFi networks, including support for WiFi calling services, and EPC to WiFi integration (also known as “Heterogeneous Networks” or “Het Nets”);
  • Policy Control (PCRF), Online Charging System (OCS), and Policy Control Enforcement Function (PCEF) that feature dynamic policy enforcement, real-time charging, and a multitude of revenue-generating services.
Virtualization = Simplification

By consolidating multiple network functions on a single platform, Affirmed’s Virtualized Mobile Core solutions can operate more efficiently by performing tasks, such as deep packet inspection and metadata collection, only once in the network and sharing the results across the network.

Unique Value-Added Services

Service chaining across multiple network functions, policies, and services creates the opportunity for unique value-added services in the network. Some of the unique services that Affirmed’s Mobile Core solutions support include: video and web optimization, Carrier Grade NAT, Per-subscriber firewall support, and content filtering (e.g., parental controls).

Affirmed’s Mobile Core solutions feature optional WiFi gateway functions that allow virtualized operators to extend their network’s reach through secure access to trusted and untrusted WiFi networks. This can help operators to reduce network costs (through WiFi offloading of mobile traffic), extend their network reach and coverage options in addition to cellular, and offer cost-competitive solutions to their subscribers, such as WiFi calling and WiFi roaming.