“Virtualization of the network and cloud-based services will render physical passive probe technology obsolete” - Patrick Kelly, Founder, Appledore Research Group.
A Probing Question:
What do you really know about your mobile network?

Ask most mobile network operators today, and they’ll tell you that they use network intelligence to drive business decisions and improve the network experience. Yet few of them have real-time intelligence or complete intelligence on 100% of their subscribers, begging the question: How intelligent is a network that knows too little, too late?

Native Virtualized Probe: Affirmed Active Intelligent vProbe

Affirmed vProbe is the industry’s first native virtual probe, co-located with Affirmed’s Mobile Content Cloud vEPC solution rather than delivered as a separate network appliance. With the vProbe, Mobile Operators can dramatically reduce hardware costs, network complexity and the performance issues typically associated with probe solutions while providing real-time network intelligence.

Features and Benefits
  • Costs 30% to 50% less than alternative network probing solutions.
  • Easily probe virtualized network functions—even if they’re dispersed in different networks or different geographies.
  • Native, scalable traffic-flow monitoring eliminates hardware requirements and minimizes network impact.
  • Gain real-time insights that can reduce customer churn, generate new service revenue, drive smarter network planning/provisioning and improve the customer experience.
  • Reports session control, subscriber events and subscriber data selectively through user-defined filtering.
    • vControl Flow- Collection of all control plane traffic.
    • vData Flow – User defined filtering of data plane traffic.
    • iEDRs- Intelligent event data records that provide a complete granular data capture of session, bearer, flow and transaction details in the data plane.
  • Open data protocols (Google Protobuf) enable full integration with third-party analytics tools.