“We believe virtualized infrastructures represent the ideal architecture for VoWIFI services, and estimate that operators that deploy VoWiFi over a virtualized infrastructure can experience 50% + savings from a Total Cost of Ownership perspective, enhanced levels of security and scalability, and numerous advantages from an ease of deployment perspective.”- Ray Mota, principal analyst, ACG Research
Profit from It: Say "Yes" to Wi-Fi

With 80% of mobile data traffic being carried over Wi-Fi networks, fixed and mobile service providers must embrace Wi-Fi access as part of their overall network strategy, or risk being undercut by over-the-top (OTT) providers.

Monetization and competitive differentiation are only half the story. Service providers must leverage Wi-Fi networks to reduce building out costly macro-cells, while also embracing the latest virtualization solutions to reduce the number of hardware-based gateways.

Affirmed Networks offers a simple, scalable Wi-Fi Gateway that allows service providers to quickly integrate, regulate, and monetize Wi-Fi access – all while employing virtualization technology that reduces total cost of ownership by 40-50%.

Trusted and Untrusted Wi-Fi Access Integration

Affirmed Networks’ fully virtualized, ETSI-compliant Wi-Fi Gateway is built on top of its leading Mobile Content Cloud solution and is deployed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and managed by commercial hypervisors (VMware, OpenStack, KVM).

Affirmed’s Wi-Fi Gateway serves as either a Trusted WLAN Access Gateway/Proxy (TWAG/TWAP) for access to trusted Wi-Fi networks or as an evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) for secure access to untrusted Wi-Fi networks. As an ePDG, the gateway supports Voice over Wi-Fi with persistent session control and policy enforcement across network boundaries.

Affirmed’s Wi-Fi Gateway extends core network capabilities, such as policy enforcement, security, and accounting information, into Wi-Fi sessions for value-added subscriber services. The gateway can be integrated into Affirmed’s virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution, inheriting a wider range of network applications or a third-party packet core network.

Affirmed's Virtualized Wi-Fi Gateway