Affirmed Wi-Fi Gateway Solution: TWAG/TWAP and ePDG

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Profit from It: Say “Yes” to Wi-Fi

More than half of all mobile traffic is carried over Wi-Fi networks today and, in a few years, that number is expected to be as high as 80%. Fixed and mobile service providers need to integrate Wi-Fi access into their mobile networks or run the risk of being left outside of the conversation as over-the-top (OTT) providers undercut their market share.

But the monetization of Wi-Fi access is only half the story. Mobile network operators also need to leverage Wi-Fi networks as an alternative to building out costly cellular towers. With over five million Wi-Fi hotspots expected in the world by 2018, Wi-Fi provides a cost-effective way for service providers to offload the growing volume of video, voice and data traffic in their own networks.

Affirmed Networks offers a simple and scalable Wi-Fi gateway solution that allows fixed and mobile service providers to quickly integrate, regulate and monetize Wi-Fi access from their core networks—whether they’re running Affirmed’s virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution or a third-party packet core network. Featuring fully virtualized gateway that can be deployed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and managed by commercial hypervisors (VMware, OpenStack, KVM), Affirmed delivers a clear path to secure Wi-Fi communications and rapid monetization.

Trusted and Untrusted Wi-Fi
Access Integration

Affirmed’s Wi-Fi gateway, build on top of its leading Mobile Content Cloud solution, can be deployed as a Trusted WLAN Access Gateway/Proxy (TWAG/TWAP) for access to trusted Wi-Fi networks, or as an evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) for secure access to untrusted Wi-Fi networks. The gateway is fully virtualized and ETSI NFV compliant, enabling fixed and mobile network operators to confidently extend core network capabilities such as policy enforcement and AAA (Authorization, Authentication, Accounting) information into Wi-Fi sessions for value-added subscriber services.

A Cost-Effective Offload Solution

Affirmed’s virtual Wi-Fi Gateway can also be used to offload voice and data traffic from the macrocellular network onto Wi-Fi networks for cost-efficient backhaul. Affirmed’s gateway solution enables fixed and mobile service providers to control quality, policy and security of voice and data traffic as it traverses the Wi-Fi network, providing a seamless mobile experience to subscribers as they move between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Voice over Wi-Fi

Affirmed’s ePDG solution solves one of the biggest challenges facing mobile service providers in the Wi-Fi space: support for Voice over WiFi. Much like VoLTE, Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) is critical as service providers look to create an invisible, network-neutral experience for subscribers. The Affirmed ePDG delivers persistent session control and policy enforcement across cellular (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi networks while scaling to high numbers of encrypted (IPsec) sessions for 5G levels of performance in a single COTS server.

Whitepaper: How, When and Wi-Fi

Weaving Wi-Fi into Your Network Experience through Virtualization

Solving Service Provider Challenges with Wi-Fi Access:
  • Monetize Wi-Fi communications through value-added services
  • Compete more effectively with over-the-top providers
  • Cost-effective alternative to extending their wireless network coverage
  • Inexpensive backhaul solution to offload growing data traffic