Service providers could save, on average, the equivalent of their entire capital budget through orchestration, according to some. This is just from greater operational efficiency, without taking into account the increased agility it could deliver. Yet orchestrating services end to end across virtualized and physical infrastructure, including partners’ networks, is proving to be one of the most difficult operational challenges for communications service providers and their suppliers.

TM Forum’s latest report Orchestration: Get ready for the platform revolution provides insight into where orchestration happens in network operators’ environments and how to address the challenges.

Report Takeaways:

  • How service providers define orchestration
  • Where orchestration happens
  • Why automation is necessary
  • What the business drivers are
  • How service providers are implementing orchestration
  • What the most important architectural considerations or steps are
  • What the biggest challenges are for deployment
  • What the role is for open source
  • How TM Forum’s strategic programs and Catalysts can help

Affirmed Networks, along with InfoVista, Juniper Networks, Netrounds, and Packet Design, sponsored the report. Affirmed partners and customers have access to a free, downloadable version of the report.

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