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Affirmed Networks Selected to the Inaugural Class of the “GSMA 100”

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Affirmed Networks is pleased to announce that it has been named one of the first companies to be included in the “GSMA 100,” a global innovation initiative developed by the GSMA to identify and advance the next generation of connectivity and digital services. Comprised of the world’s most promising growth-stage companies and selected by mobile operators and investment partners, the GSMA 100 represents operator innovation priorities in key areas such as 5G and networking; consumer experience; data and analytics; the Internet of Things; media and entertainment; and security, among others.

The GSMA 100 companies were nominated by GSMA operator members, ecosystem companies, and leading technology. Following a competitive review process, Affirmed Networks earned inclusion among the first 29 companies named to the GSMA 100 and will be participating in a series of events and interactions with top mobile operators and investors prior to the start of the MWC Americas event taking place in Los Angeles next week.

As a company focused on the needs of our customers as they transform their networks to the virtualized networks that will support 5G, Affirmed is honored to receive this recent distinction from such an esteemed group, and one of the leading groups driving the future of our industry.

Deployed in over 85 networks worldwide including Tier 1 operators such as AT&T, Vodafone, Telus, Etisalat, Softbank, and Turkcell, Affirmed Networks’ webscale solutions allow operators to transform the economics of deploying and scaling 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi mobile services.

We would like to thank the GSMA and its members for selecting us as part of this inaugural group and would like to congratulate the other members who will be joining us at this event.

If you are attending MWC Americas, please stop by to see us in booth W.802 to learn about how you can benefit from Affirmed’s mobile solutions.

For further information on the GSMA 100, visit: www.gsma.com/aboutus/gsma-100.

Fierce Telecom Names Affirmed Networks Top Disruptor in Telecom Market

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Citing Affirmed’s track record of innovation and traction with more than 80 customers worldwide, Fierce Telecom, has identified Affirmed Networks as being one of the top disruptors in the global telecommunications market.

One of the most influential publications covering the telecommunications market, yesterday Fierce Telecom issued a Special Report titled “The top 8 telecom disruptors of 2018.”  The article identified the companies having the “biggest impact in the telecommunications space as technology continues to evolve at a rapid clip.”

As part of their research identifying these industry leaders, several industry experts and observers were consulted including Lee Doyle, principal at Doyle Research, and Scott Raynovich, chief analyst and founder of Futuriom.  According to Raynovich, “you will see many of these companies become leaders of the next wave of networking needs.”

We are honored to receive this latest recognition by one of the leading publications covering this space and would like to thank Fierce Wireless and congratulate the other companies that have been identified as well.

Affirmed Networks Joins Linux Foundation Networking Fund

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Affirmed Networks is pleased to announce that we have joined the Linux Foundation Networking Fund, an organization focused on facilitating collaboration and operational excellence across the open networking projects, such as ONAP and OPNFV, that are important to our customers as they continue to transform their networks.

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation provides tools, training, and events to scale any open source project. The Linux Foundation has become a true force in the industry, attracting the top developers as part of an ecosystem focused on accelerating open technology development and industry adoption.

In our view, open source technologies are critical to driving innovation across the entire ecosystem.  We are honored to join the other leading companies that are already part of the Linux Foundation, as members, we look forward to contributing to the advancement of open source technologies to ensure the community remains at the forefront of innovation as the industry continues its transformation to cloud-based architectures that will support 5G.

The LFN community will come together on September 25-27, 2018 in Amsterdam for Open Networking Summit Europe, the industry’s premier open networking event, gathering enterprises, service providers and cloud providers across the ecosystem to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of Open Source Networking, including SDN, NFV, orchestration and the automation of cloud, edge, network, and IoT services.

More information on the Linux Foundation can be found here.

Affirmed Networks and Wind River to Host Webcast Focused on Maximizing Performance and ROI of Virtualized Architectures

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As operators continue to deploy virtualized architectures their focus is now on ensuring the efficiency and ROI of these next gen environments.  As 5G will enable a new breed of services, a key aspect to ensuring the success of NFV deployments will be the performance of these new networks.

To take a closer look at how operators can maximize the value of their NFV deployments Affirmed Networks and Wind River are hosting a webcast on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 that will explore the following questions:

  • Where are we today with NFV? What’s changed? What still needs to change?
  • How should service providers think about: Performance, integration, and cost? And what should they expect from the vendors who provide network virtualization solutions?
  • How is success (ROI) measured when virtualizing the network?

The webcast hosted by Guy Daniels of TelecomTV, will feature the perspectives of Angela Whiteford, Affirmed Networks’ Vice President Product Management and Marketing, and Charlie Ashton, Director of Business Development, Wind River.

As part of the conversation, the guests will offer views on the current state of network transformation as well as critical factors that impact performance and help drive down the cost per bit delivered.  Through their commentary, both Angela and Charlie will share what they have learned through working with operators which can be leveraged across the market by others as they continue on their own path to network transformation.

Don’t miss this informative session, registration for live participation or to access a recording of the event go here.

If You Think Virtualization Is About Saving Money, You’re Missing a Lot

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What do you think of when you hear the word virtualization? If you’re a mobile carrier, the word “virtualization” likely evokes images of massive appliances being replaced by sleek servers, perhaps with a smiling CFO in the background for added effect. Mind you, it’s not a bad image, but it’s only a small picture of what virtualization can do for your network. In fact, the money you can save by virtualizing your network hardware is small change when compared to the money you could be generating with new services from a fully virtualized mobile platform.

For years, vendors have positioned network functions virtualization (NFV) as a capex reduction play. That’s because most NFV vendors are selling virtualized versions of their legacy hardware, so the main benefit to their customers is cheaper hardware. As a company that has been truly virtualized from the start, Affirmed Networks sees things differently. We didn’t build our virtual mobile core solution just to save you money, but to make you money through agile service creation, automation, network slicing, mobile edge computing and more. If you still think of NFV as a cost-cutting measure, here are six ways that Affirmed’s cloud-native NFV solutions will have you seeing dollar signs instead…

Beat the OTT players at their own game.

OTT players aren’t encumbered by massive networks or painfully slow processes. Their credo is to fail fast and fail often in the pursuit of innovation. It’s their competitive advantage, and it can become yours too with Affirmed’s microservices-centric architecture. We designed our network for agile service creation: stateless database, decomposed services, container-based apps. It lets you quickly build, test and launch new services for small groups (i.e., microservices), which can boost your services revenue by as much as 47%.

Deploy and update services faster with far less effort.

Virtualization reduces capex, but what about opex? For that, you’ll need service automation and service chaining. Affirmed delivers both with its Affirmed Service Automation Platform (ASAP for short). By automating the provisioning and service chaining process, mobile carriers can accelerate their time to market (which can boost service revenue by 13%) and reduce opex by as much as 77%!

Get real-time analytics that really make a difference.

For years, mobile carriers have used physical probes to provide network intelligence. The trouble is, physical probes are expensive and eat up costly network bandwidth. Affirmed is the first company to offer a completely virtualized probe solution, vProbe, that doesn’t require hardware and doesn’t drain your network’s performance. vProbe delivers pervasive, real-time network analytics that can be leveraged to create new services and improve network quality.

Cut your network into profitable slices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a big opportunity for those mobile carriers that figure out how to “slice” their network to support a diverse range of new communications devices, from connected cars to life-saving medical devices. Affirmed’s IoT services platform includes pre-built IoT service templates as well as easy-to-use virtual network slicing capabilities based on latency, throughput, security, availability and other requirements, so mobile carriers can deploy and monetize IoT services faster.

Create value-added services to capture more revenue.

With Affirmed’s GiLAN virtualized services environment, mobile carriers can easily create new services using a simple building-block approach. Simply chain together the service features you want (e.g., deep packet inspection, video optimization, proxy services, security) to create new services, from content filtering to ad insertion.

Bring your network experience to the edge.

Moving the mobile core experience to the network edge will be critical to delivering new latency-sensitive, high-bandwidth services such as virtual/augmented reality and self-driving vehicles. Affirmed’s mobile platform supports mobile edge computing, allowing mobile carriers to bring core services closer to the consumer for better, richer experiences.


As you can see, virtualization isn’t just a solution to your hardware problem, it’s a solution to your “how are we going to compete and thrive in the future” problem. At Affirmed Networks, we see virtualization as a cost saver and a revenue driver. If you’re having a conversation about virtualization and the word “innovation” isn’t part of it, you need to be talking to us.