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Light Reading CEO-to-CEO Video: “Digging into NFV”

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As one of the companies driving the evolution of today’s networks, Affirmed Networks continues to be recognized as a market leader of the ever-changing telecommunications market.

Most recently, Affirmed Networks’ Chairman and CEO, Hassan Ahmed, participated in one of Light Reading’s “CEO-to-CEO” interviews hosted by Stephen Saunders, CEO, Light Reading. Joining the likes of Cisco, Ericsson, HP and Ciena – basically the Goliaths of our industry – Affirmed Networks was proud to be among such good company for this high profile and sought-after opportunity with one of the most popular publications covering our industry.

The video, which was filmed at Light Reading’s New York offices, focused on the state of NFV, key requirements operators are looking for in deploying “unified” NFV architectures, and the future of standards in our industry.

For a highly-educational video on the state of our exciting industry, click here.

(You may not laugh or cry, but it’s certainly better than CATS!)

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Industry Comes Together Around NFV

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Many experts believe that a clear sign of when a technology evolution has reached a critical point of maturity is when vendors and customers come together to ensure it “goes mainstream.”

If these experts are right, the recent industry gathering at NFV World Congress is proof that NFV has crossed the chasm.  Held in San Jose, CA from May 5-8, NFV World Congress represented a first-of-its-kind event focused solely on NFV and SDN.

Attended by dozens of vendors and carrier customers alike, the event signaled the shift of NFV to the “doing phase” of deployments and was evidence that carriers worldwide are certainly taking this new architecture very seriously.  In addition to vendors and customers, the ecosystem in attendance of this event also featured strong representation from the Open Source community, which speaks volumes to the many potential possibilities of this new approach to building next-generation networks.

As one of the companies leading the deployment of NFV in mobile networks globally, Affirmed Networks had a strong presence at the event.  Specifically, we were able to participate in a panel on NFV deployments, to get valuable time with customers and partners, and to meet with industry analysts and members of the media covering this exciting area.

While there is still a long way to go until NFV deployment is ubiquitous worldwide, this event certainly was proof that it is well on its way to being the foundation for the way networks will be built moving forward.  Stay tuned, exciting times indeed.

Affirmed: Finalist in Two Categories for Leading Lights Awards

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The team at Affirmed Networks is honored to be named a finalist in not one, but two categories as part of Light Reading’s annual Leading Lights Awards ceremony.  Specifically, Affirmed Networks has been listed as a finalist in both the “Private Company of the Year,” and “Most Innovative NFV Solution,” categories.

The annual awards ceremony, which will take place on June 8th prior to the start of Light Reading’s “Big Telecom Event” in Chicago, is in its 11th year and is referred to by Light Reading as the “most credible and authoritative awards program in the industry.”  (They must have received an award themselves to make that claim).

Anyway, while we do not know yet how we will fare, all of us at Affirmed Networks are thrilled to be in consideration against so many respected companies from across the industry.

Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed, if all goes our way we hope to bring another trophy (or two) home to Boston.

Affirmed Networks Honored for Innovation

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whiteford_smallIf there’s one attribute that distinguishes Affirmed Networks in the marketplace it’s our commitment to innovation.  It’s allowed us to develop a solution that is truly disruptive and leading the market.  It’s part of everything we do.  It’s in our DNA.

Over our four years as a company, our customers have recognized our commitment to innovation, which has helped us gain traction with Tier One operators globally. This week the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE) recognized our Innovation as well.

As part of SBANE’s prestigious 2015 New England Innovation Awards held earlier this week, Affirmed Networks was one of eight companies chosen from a pool of 175 nominees as part of this year’s awards.  We were one of just four companies to receive this award in the “For Profit” category.

With this distinction, Affirmed Networks joins an impressive list of past winners from the New England area that includes Staples, iRobot, HubSpot, Boston Duck Tours and Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream – pretty impressive company indeed.

As a company we are thrilled to receive this latest award and are thankful to SBANE for the recognition, and for the tremendous work they do providing a voice for small businesses throughout New England at the State and Federal levels. As the list of past winners indicates, the work done by organizations like SBANE is critical to ensuring a healthy pipeline of innovation across all industries.

At Affirmed Networks we are very familiar with the importance of innovation and we are thankful to be not only recognized for it, but also to be based in a region where innovation is truly valued, protected and honored as a precious natural resource by organizations like SBANE who understand the linkage between continued innovation and economic growth.

How NFV Paves the Way for Continued iPhone Adoption

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whiteford_smallI’m not sure if you are like me but I use my iPhone for everything – it’s my alarm clock, my camera, my concierge, my GPS, and a source of entertainment (for me and my kids). Yes, I admit it, I take it for granted. Sorry Siri.

I think this is something we can all relate to, as we have come reliant on this device on so many levels.

On a trip to New York yesterday, however, I was reminded just how important the iPhone has become (globally) and how the work we are doing at Affirmed Networks is helping to fuel this fire. Coincidentally, our trip to NY coincided with Apple’s quarterly earnings announcement – an event much awaited by the technology media waiting to see if Apple could continue to ship iPhones at such a feverish pace.

Hassan Ahmed_Bloomberg(For those of you who missed it, Apple once again delivered; selling 61.2 million iPhones during the quarter, beating analyst estimates of 60 m, and exceeding the 43 m they sold a year ago in the same quarter).

I think we all knew Apple was doing well, but it all hit home for me, during our scheduled meeting with Bloomberg, when they asked if Hassan (Ahmed, Affirmed’s Chairman and CEO), could offer some commentary and perspective on the impact of Apple’s continued success. As Hassan offered his thoughts, the linkage between what we are doing at Affirmed Networks and the continued global adoption of iPhones became painfully clear.

Technologies like NFV may seem to be “in the weeds” or considered behind-the-scenes “infrastructure,” but what we are doing is really enabling this trend today, and setting the stage for its continuation.  As these devices put more data on the network, we are helping MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) to dynamically respond to traffic spikes and reduce the overall network cost in ways that just weren’t possible through legacy approaches.

And it’s not just about keeping pace with traffic, we are providing MNOs with a new way of developing the types of services and applications that will continue to be valuable to consumers.  This will not only create new revenue streams for operators, but it will create the types of compelling new services that will drive continued reliance on these devices moving forward.

So I guess it took a trip to NY and some interesting commentary by our CEO for this to hit me between the eyes, but I’m glad it did, as I now have a much greater sense of appreciation – both for my iPhone and the great work the team here at Affirmed Networks is doing on behalf of our customers.