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Three UK Deploys NFV to Get Ready for 5G

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Are you ready for 5G?

Bryn Jones, CTO, Three UK, chatted with Hassan Ahmed, CEO, Affirmed Networks, about the steps they are taking to improve their overall customer experience and prepare for the arrival of 5G.

This video case study provides a look into how Three UK is using Affirmed’s GiLAN (optimization, DPI, CGNAT, Content Filtering) and virtual probe offerings to handle their 30% per year data growth and position themselves to migrate to 5G services, while also reducing overall network complexity.

One of the industry’s first providers to offer “all you can eat” data plans, Three UK has been a disruptive force in the mobile industry since introducing the first 100% 3G network in the UK in 2003.  Today, they carry more than 32% of the UK’s mobile data traffic and cover 99% of the country’s population.  As a company that has consistently focused on providing the best possible mobile experience to their customers, during this video, they will share insights into

several compelling areas, including:

  • Why NFV is critical to handling the dramatic increase in types of traffic and overall capacity inherent with 5G services.
  • How service assurance and orchestration work when you spin up a new service using NFV.
  • How Three UK is delivering the right customer experience using real-time subscriber data and analytics with integrated virtual probe.

So, sit back, and watch.  There’s lots to be learned when one of the industry’s most innovative service providers shares their secrets of success.

Affirmed Networks Outlines How Communications Service Providers can Win the Race to Revenue

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With Communications Service Providers (CSPs) facing competition from all fronts – traditional service providers, cloud providers and over-the-top (OTT) providers –to effectively compete they need to transform both their networks AND their business.

To help them address these challenges, Affirmed Networks has published a new whitepaper that outlines the ways CSPs can leverage the latest technologies and architectures to accelerate service creation and reduce network costs.

The whitepaper, titled “Winning the Race to Revenue: How NFV/Cloud Solutions Drive Revenue Today and Turbocharge Your Path to 5G” outlines five proven strategies that will allow CSPs to successfully compete against increasing competition which are:

  1. Maximize your network’s speed and performance with network solutions that are architected specifically for an NFV/cloud environment.
  2. Rev up your top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability by accelerating your time to market for new services and lowering your total cost of ownership.
  3. Drive transformation with a complete solution that is already built to win
  4. Don’t get behind the wheel of an unproven concept
  5. Recognize that you can’t win the race alone, team with a proven partner.

In the coming days and weeks, Affirmed Networks will continue to provide additional perspectives on the challenges, strategies, and opportunities, for CSPs to capture lucrative new revenue streams and fully realize the potential that 5G offers.

Affirmed Networks is hoping to help CSPs do to increase their chances of success in this “race.”  To keep on top of the latest content, news, and opinions related to this topic please be sure to continue to check back here.

Good luck!


Affirmed Networks Executives Speak at ONS Europe on How Automation & Open Source are Paving the Way for 5G Services

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This week at the ONS Europe event in Amsterdam, Affirmed Networks’ VP Product Management and Marketing, Angela Whiteford, and Affirmed Networks’ Senior Product Manager, Dejan Leskaroski, spoke on the importance of automation and open source technologies as 5G services become available.

Focusing on how operators can achieve profitability in an era where bandwidth continues to grow exponentially while revenue remains flat, Whiteford and Leskaroski’s remarks provided actionable insights for operators to more effectively leverage automated services, a truly predictive network, real-time analytics, and the integration of open source technologies to drive greater business outcomes that are the result of better monetization of the network as it moves to 5G.

Each year ONS Europe is attended by more than 700 networking and orchestration, business, development and operations leaders across open source service providers, cloud companies and enterprise users.



Affirmed Networks and Wind River to Host Webcast Focused on Maximizing Performance and ROI of Virtualized Architectures

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As operators continue to deploy virtualized architectures their focus is now on ensuring the efficiency and ROI of these next gen environments.  As 5G will enable a new breed of services, a key aspect to ensuring the success of NFV deployments will be the performance of these new networks.

To take a closer look at how operators can maximize the value of their NFV deployments Affirmed Networks and Wind River are hosting a webcast on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 that will explore the following questions:

  • Where are we today with NFV? What’s changed? What still needs to change?
  • How should service providers think about: Performance, integration, and cost? And what should they expect from the vendors who provide network virtualization solutions?
  • How is success (ROI) measured when virtualizing the network?

The webcast hosted by Guy Daniels of TelecomTV, will feature the perspectives of Angela Whiteford, Affirmed Networks’ Vice President Product Management and Marketing, and Charlie Ashton, Director of Business Development, Wind River.

As part of the conversation, the guests will offer views on the current state of network transformation as well as critical factors that impact performance and help drive down the cost per bit delivered.  Through their commentary, both Angela and Charlie will share what they have learned through working with operators which can be leveraged across the market by others as they continue on their own path to network transformation.

Don’t miss this informative session, registration for live participation or to access a recording of the event go here.