Affirmed Networks and Turkcell Tackle the Network Transformation Process

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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is becoming mainstream for operators who now have multiple millions of subscribers running on these networks. One example is Turkcell, an operator that chose Affirmed Networks to help them transition their network to a virtualized architecture. Turkcell had solutions running on several hardware architectures and wanted to align these services onto a common NFVi platform. The company chose Affirmed networks as the system integrator for the entire network transformation project.

Watch the video discussion about how Affirmed is working to transform Turkcell’s Network. The session, hosted by Light Reading’s Ray Le Maistre, features Aykut Soner Demirkol from Turkcell and Angela Whiteford for Affirmed.

Aykut points out that it is crucial to start the journey to NFVi as soon as possible. An investment in a common hardware platform enables a variety of important benefits, such as making switching from one software vendor to another quicker and less expensive.

When moving to a virtualized architecture, operators want to bring multiple best-of-breed vendors together to achieve maximum performance and resiliency. For Turkcell, Affirmed provides the system integration knowledge needed to manage various layers of integration with multiple vendors. Another factor is the organizational changes associated with network virtualization. Operators don’t want to wait—and shouldn’t have to wait—“until the organization is ready,” so Turkcell can take advantage of integration and managed services from Affirmed to follow a build-operate-transfer model that brings them up the maturity curve quickly while getting internal teams up to speed on the technology. Affirmed’s deep expertise pays dividends in many ways. For instance, determining the optimal architecture for telco applications is very different from enterprise or web applications, where the platform underneath can be the same. A packet core and a web service can’t really run on the same common infrastructure.

Turkcell’s unified NFVi Platform is now in the deployment stage. Angela Whiteford of Affirmed Networks says that, with over sixty existing deployments around the world, Affirmed finds many operators are looking at how to create new services quickly. Automation, analytics, and slicing are three core concepts, with analytics providing an understanding of how new services are functioning.

Affirmed, Intel, and WBA Discuss Virtualized Wi-Fi Access for Wi-Fi Calling / VoWiFi

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On November 7 Affirmed will team up with Intel and the Wireless Broadband Alliance to conduct an in-depth webinar on Economic Advantages of Virtualized Wi-Fi Access for Wi-Fi Calling / VoWiFi.

Save this date and time! Tue, Nov 7, 2017 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST.

VoWi-Fi has provided mobile carriers with an antidote to spotty indoor cell coverage by running calls over Wi-Fi for better call completion rates and higher call quality. Wi-Fi will be one of the many access technologies for 5G networks, not only because it helps overcome poor in-building cellular coverage, but also offloading data traffic from congested mobile networks.

This in-depth webinar features speakers from Intel, Affirmed Networks and Metaswitch sharing insights on the key market drivers for Wi-Fi calling/ VoWiFi challenges. The experts will explain how choosing the right virtualized solution will determine the ultimate effectiveness of a VoWiFi implementation.

Topics include how implementing VoWiFi can save mobile operators 1¢/min/subscriber on voice calls, and how virtualization can reduce the total cost of VoWiFi implementation by 45%.

Please join Affirmed Networks’ Director of Product Management Fernando Cerioni and the rest of the distinguished panel. Fernando has over fifteen years’ communications industry experience at companies including Cisco Systems, Starent Networks, Motorola and Cedar Point Communications. He holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Babson College. Joining him will be Dr. Necati Canpolat of Intel’s Communication and Devices Group and Joge Cañas, Director of PLM Mobile Solutions at Metaswitch.

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Best Practices for NFV Deployments & the Journey to 5G

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Everyone is talking about Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) these days. But wouldn’t you rather hear what the people who are implementing NFV in their own network have to say about it? Then tune in for the re-broadcast of the October 4th Light Reading webinar, “Best Practices for Today’s NFV Deployments and the Journey to 5G,” featuring Ibrahim Gideon, CTO of Telus Corporation, and Hassan Ahmed, CEO of Affirmed Networks.

Telus was just named Canada’s fastest mobile network by PCMag last month. They’re also one of the first networks in Canada to embrace NFV as their network platform of the future. In this webinar, Gideon, Ahmed and Light Reading analyst Gabriel Brown lay out the state of NFV today, including emerging best practices and lessons learned on the front lines of the 5G revolution.

In his opening remarks, Byrne set the stage with a quick look at where NFV is today in the industry. He noted that operators are confidently moving forward with Virtualized Network Function (VNF) deployments, and that an encouraging number of those VNFs are being deployed in cloud-like infrastructures. Yet, he also pointed to a lack of interoperability and automation in VNF deployments as well as a reluctance among operators to commit to an NFV platform as areas where the industry needs to improve.

During his presentation, Ibrahim Gideon provided listeners with an honest, detailed account of his company’s network transformation experience. Gideon described the NFV journey as having multiple phases, beginning with simple capex reduction and leading, eventually, to a state of “NFV Nirvana” where network capacity could be split easily across locations and one operations team could manage everything. Gideon acknowledged areas where the transformation ran into difficulties, as well as the solutions that Telus and Affirmed developed to address those issues.

Hassan Ahmed shared some of the key NFV lessons learned during the company’s 100+ trial and production deployments, many of which were re-affirmed by Gideon’s experiences. These included:

  • Don’t look at capex savings as the end, but as the beginning to NFV’s real value: opex reduction and revenue generation.
  • Have a virtualization strategy—don’t simply build a software version of the hardware network you have today.
  • Do your homework and choose NFV solutions that already support 5G features today: network slicing, service automation, self-intelligent networks, etc.

If NFV is in your future, you owe it to yourself to listen to this webinar today. Leveraging the lessons learned by successful NFV adopters can help ensure that your network transformational roadmap leads your business beyond the simple promise of capex reduction to higher revenues in the 5G future.

Affirmed Networks Joins Panel Discussions at SDN NFV World Congress

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Affirmed will be showcasing our “5G Ready Portfolio” in Booth #F7 at the SDN NFV World Congress in the Hague, Netherlands running from Oct 9 – 13, 2017.

Our 5G-Ready portfolio features advanced capabilities such as Network Slicing, Service Automation, IoT solutions such as NB-IoT, Virtual Probes and Analytics and more. Visitors to our booth at the World Congress will see how Affirmed is revolutionizing mobile networks and mobile subscriber and content management functions.

At the World Congress, our executives will weigh in on some of the crucial topics in the SDN and NFV space today.

Dejan Leskaroski, Director Product Management for Affirmed, will participate in the NFVi Partner Panel debate on Oct 9th at 10:10 AM CEST. NFV Infrastructure (NFVi) is a key component of the NFV architecture that sits right above the hardware and abstracts the hardware resources so they can be logically partitioned and provided to the VNF to perform their functions. The NFVi layer provides both the physical resources and software on which VNFs can be deployed.

Angela Whiteford, VP Product Management and Marketing for Affirmed, will participate in a panel debate on Service Cloudification on Oct 11th, at 5:20 PM CEST. “Cloudification of the Network” receives much airtime and attention in the media. Angela, whose telecommunications career has spanned Starent Networks and Nortel’s Chief Technology Office, among other posts, joins the panel to discuss the practical application of new Cloud-native architectures and microservices to carrier networks, and how cloud-native VNFs be designed, tested, and optimized.

To schedule a meeting with Affirmed at the World Congress, click here.

Upcoming Light Reading Webinar Offers Real World Perspectives from Influencers & Innovators on the Deployment of NFV and the Road to 5G

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In case you missed it, the move to the cloud is all around us – especially in the global telecoms market where NFV continues to be adopted to help accelerate the delivery of the new, exciting services that consumers crave.  While we see proof of this in the headlines, few of us ever fully see the challenges and considerations that occur as part of the deployment of transformational technology such as NFV. We also miss out on how operators and vendors are preparing for the coming 5G standard, which many believe offers a wealth of opportunity for the entire industry.  Will we ever get the inside story?

Well, I am happy to answer that question with a resounding “YES!”

On October 4th, leading innovators with in-depth knowledge related to the deployment of NFV in a “5G Ready” world will offer a front row seat into the real-world opportunities and challenges presented by NFV and 5G.  This Light Reading webinar, moderated by Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst – Wireless Data Services & LTE, Heavy Reading (and one of the industry’s most influential analysts in this space), will provide hands-on perspectives from two of the early innovators in NFV.  To reflect how carriers are embracing NFV to transform their business and their bottom line, the webinar will feature Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO of Telus, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company. He will share his views on how to best deploy NFV and on how the company is preparing to fully embrace 5G.  The vendor perspective will be shared by Hassan Ahmed, Chairman and CEO of Affirmed Networks, who will offer lessons learned from their involvement in more than 60 deployments worldwide.

In short, the session offers a great opportunity to get the story behind the transformation, which promises to be a “must see” event.  We hope you will join us.

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