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Virtualized Mobile Networks – Intel Chip Chat: Network Insights

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During Intel® Network Builders Summit in The Hague, Netherlands this October, Angela Whiteford, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Affirmed, participated in a livecast as a part of Intel® Chip Chat: Network Insights. Angela spoke with Allyson Klein, Marketing Director at Intel, and explained what it means to be a virtual network functions (VNF) provider creating virtualized mobile networks with over 40 networks deployed. She examined the differences between traditional and virtualized mobile networks, including the approach to architecture, application development and monitoring capabilities. The livecast concluded with observations on software defined 5G architectures, network slicing and the importance of ecosystem collaboration on performance.

Listen to the full podcast or visit Intel’s Chip Chat playlist to learn more.

Intel® Chip Chat: Network Insights, hosted by Allyson since 2007, is a recurring podcast series that delves into the technologies, topics and issues facing the networking industry. They are informal, one-on-one interviews with industry experts that examine the network transformation taking place through the adoption of software defined networking and network functions virtualization across telecommunication and enterprise organizations.