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Meeting Connectivity Expectations

by Affirmed

Over the past few years, internet connectivity has become nearly ubiquitous. Anywhere from a highway in the middle of nowhere to a city in a foreign country, consumers expect that they can pull out their smartphones and access the internet. It’s really quite amazing. However, sometimes that small screen and touch keyboard are not the most productive option for more complicated work. In places where Wi-Fi is unavailable, it can be frustrating to rely solely on a smartphone.


Microsoft’s Internet Connectivity Solution

Luckily, Microsoft has just announced a new solution that will enable customers to access the internet on their laptops through 3G and LTE connectivity, with a simple purchase through their Microsoft accounts. No matter where they are, the internet will be available, even on devices that aren’t small enough to fit inside their back pocket.

Microsoft has chosen Transatel, a leading enabler in MVNO and IoT, to be their service provider for their Windows 10 devices. However, customers can purchase this service directly through the Microsoft store on an as-needed basis, making the customer experience as care-free and easy as possible.

With a widely-deployed solution in Europe, Transatel is now preparing for the commercial launch of its embedded connectivity service in North America. And the most exciting part is that they’ve chosen the Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud virtual evolved packet core to get this service up and running in only two short months. This is quite a testament to the game-changing power of NFV. While this service would never have been considered possible before, NFV has allowed Transatel to expand to multiple continents without the extremely high costs of legacy architectures.

In addition, with the accelerated time-to-market for new service offerings that come with an NFV solution, Transatel will be able to increase the number of services they offer rapidly and improve the variety of services for their customers.


Affirmed Networks & Internet Connectivity

It’s really exciting to see that Affirmed Networks is now making a positive impact on end consumers. When Microsoft launches this service in the upcoming quarter, and customers begin to access the internet through the 3G and LTE connectivity that Transatel is providing, it will be very rewarding to know that Affirmed’s technology is the backbone of this experience.

NFV solutions have been revolutionizing mobile networks for quite some time, but now that it has advanced to the point of having a direct impact on people’s daily lives. It will be exciting to see what other services it will bring to the end consumers as more service providers and enables come up with more innovative applications.