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Microsoft at MWC LA 2021

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October 26-28, 2021 | Los Angeles Convention Center | Los Angeles, California | USA

Mobile World Congress (MWC) Los Angeles 2021 is approaching soon, and a number of Microsoft’s telecommunications industry executives will be at the event to share their perspective and connect with you and other telco industry leaders. Members of our telco leadership team will also participate in the following four sessions on the MWC LA agenda.

Session Highlights

New Age of Automation: Tuesday, October 26 16:30-17:30 PDT

As automation and machine-to-machine traffic increases, networks are needing to support rising bandwidth and latency requirements from new applications. 5G networks are providing carriers and other industries such as manufacturing, the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can deliver. Private networks, Mobile Edge Computing and Cloud are providing the necessary network agility and in doing so, open new revenue streams for carriers. This session will cover the current and future use cases that could benefit.

Microsoft Speaker: Sanjay Mewada, Worldwide Marketing Leader, Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Accelerating the Adoption of Cloud: Wednesday, October 27 16:30-17:30 PDT

Carriers have an opportunity to revolutionise both business and networks with cloud. Key challenges in areas such as security and cost still need to be overcome when adopting cloud but the importance, if done right, can deliver huge benefits for the telco industry. The road to a hybrid or cloud-native world is crucial when put into context of how the connected industry is being reshaped, and this session will focus on sharing best practice and open communication between Telco’s and cloud-computing service providers.

Microsoft Speaker: Ashwin Moranganti, GM, Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Disruptions in Data: Tuesday, October 26 15:00-16:00 PDT

With the shift to digital interactions, we now have a new kind of consumer whose behaviours, expectations and values have changed dramatically.  The combination of AI and machine learning for gathering and analyzing customer behaviour enables businesses to gain a more accurate understanding of its customers by continuously learning and improving from the data it analyses. This allows more in-depth and robust customer engagement systems to provide highly relevant content, increase sales opportunities, and improve the customer journey. This session will focus on successful business strategies from AI and data implementation, we will explore how data and AI can work together to help build a more in-depth and robust customer engagement system for a business and look at what is in store for the new connected consumer.

Microsoft Speaker: Rick Lievano, CTO Telecom, WW Media & Communications, Microsoft

Smart Cities and Spaces: Wednesday, October 27 16:30-17:30 PDT

Citizens engage with smart city ecosystems in various ways using smartphones and mobile devices and connected cars and homes. Pairing devices and data with a city’s physical infrastructure and services can cut costs and improve sustainability. This session will focus on the latest trends and technologies advancing connected living and how smart city technologies are improving infrastructure, mobility, public services, and utilities.

Microsoft Speaker: Pete Bernard, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft

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