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Sierra Wireless Launches New Private APN Solution for Managed Connectivity Solutions

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Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), a world leading IoT solutions provider, today announced that it has launched a new global private access point name (APN) solution with simplified staging that provides seamless flexibility and security for customers, accelerating application deployment.

With Sierra Wireless’ new private APN, Sierra Wireless Smart Connectivity customers no longer need to make multiple SKU configurations on the edge, and can build devices with one single APN that is then translated into multiple private APN’s within Sierra’s core network. This is especially critical for companies with multiple independent subsidiaries who have different requirements, drastically reducing onboarding time.

Microsoft prioritizes telco space, highlights Azure’s growth

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Microsoft Azure EVP Jason Zander said Microsoft’s work with telecom operators is “part of the core strategy” for Azure, noting in an investor call that Microsoft has been “doing a lot of work around some of the telco communications operator space.” His comments echoed those made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the company’s most recent earnings call. In describing Azure’s vertical industry momentum, Nadella led with Deutsche Telekom, which is working with Microsoft to modernize its IT infrastructure by moving workloads to the Azure cloud.

Private 5G network deployed by Affirmed and partners

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A Taiwanese IT hardware manufacturer has deployed a virtualized private 5G network using its own servers along with core network software from Affirmed, which was recently acquired by Microsoft. The RAN software comes from ASOCS, an Israeli provider of on-premise cloud solutions. The network was deployed on government-allocated spectrum. Inventec is a $16 billion Taiwanese manufacturer of servers, laptops and wireless devices. The company says it ships 25% of the world’s servers, and manufactures 100 million devices each year. It wanted to connect its factories using 5G in order to improve automatic optical inspection and to connect automated guided vehicles and robots in the future.

Affirmed to build private 5G networks for Inventec factories

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Affirmed Networks announced that it has been selected by Inventec, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of consumer technology solutions, to deliver secure, private 5G networks for their smart manufacturing. This selection is an important part of Inventec’s adoption of Industry 4.0 and their transformation towards digital operations and robotic automation for large-scale manufacturing. Affirmed’s 5G Standalone (SA) UnityCloud™ will drive the connectivity for Inventec’s Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems.

Smart manufacturer to use Microsoft private 5G network

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Microsoft subsidiary Affirmed Networks is to build a private 5G network for Inventec, a Taiwanese technology maker. Affirmed Networks, which became part of Microsoft earlier in 2020, said it will supply a cloud-native 5G standalone network to the company to allow the use of internet of things (IoT) technology in its manufacturing of computers, telephones, notebooks and servers.