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Affirmed Cloud Edge – Mobile Edge Computing

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Affirmed Cloud Edge – Mobile Edge Computing

by Cindy Turner

The Affirmed Cloud Edge (ACE) solution for mobile edge computing (MEC) offers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises the ability to host applications and keep data local on the customers’ premise to minimize latency and maximize efficiency. Affirmed’s MEC solution can be deployed and utilized at the edge of the mobile operator’s network or used as part of the Cloud Edge offerings from AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Video: MWL Interview with Affirmed Networks and ASOCS

Why Mobile Edge Computing?

Mobile Edge Computing allows telecom operators to create high-value use cases for business and consumers. Learn more about what MEC brings for CSPs.

Low Latency

Low Latency

Fast air interface and rapid session establishment

Use for new low latency services such as immersive In-Stadium experiences



Optimize content for the delivery method and user conditions in time and space

Efficient bandwidth and compute use for optimized IoT analytic applications and content caching

Localized content

Localized Content

Fast air interface and rapid session establishment

Use for localized high bandwidth applications such as AR/VR entertainment and industrial application

What Applications does MEC Enable?

MEC for events

Stadium Events

Enhanced experiences in stadium environments

MEC for IoT


The power of prediction in IoT for manufacturing

MEC for Retail and Ecommerce


Deliver hyper-targeted ads for enhanced engagement

MEC for public safety

Public Safety

Enabling first responders and public safety (FirstNet)

Affirmed Cloud Edge (ACE)

Here are the capabilities of our mobile edge computing solution:

mobile edge computing diagram: Affirmed Cloud Edge (ACE)

3GPP compliant CUPS architecture
A distributed architecture (Control and User Plane Separation) to support high bandwidth, low latency applications and Multi-Access Edge Computing. SGW and PGW to support network services for 4G, LTE, and 5G on a standards-based open architecture to reduce risk and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Edge Breakout Functionality
The Affirmed ACE solution has a flexible local break out policy to direct critical traffic by edge site, subscriber, and application using flexible local policy or policy interaction with PCRF.

Low footprint SGW-EA
Our mobile edge computing platform delivers innovative 4G and 5G services at the scale required for mobile use case and enterprise applications.

Support for Dedicated or Shared APN scenarios
Our solution provides the flexibility to break out data from existing APNs as needed and the ability to use dedicated APNs for local break outs if the use case demands it. Both options can be used to handle a variety of use cases, business needs, and regulatory requirements.

Automated Service Provisioning and Creation
Deliver faster service activation times and self-service capabilities. You can reduce OpEx as much as 77% with automated service provisioning and testing of new services by using Affirmed’s service automation capabilities for network-wide service automation, and orchestration.

Affirmed Provisioning Portal
Affirmed’s Provisioning Portal (APP) can be used as a standalone provisioning platform to update and modify local breakout policy. It can also be used as part of the overall provisioning solution by utilizing its Northbound and Southbound APIs.

Affirmed Customers

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