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UnityCloud Operations

by Cindy Turner

UnityCloud Operations (UC Ops) is a full-stack, telco cloud digital service orchestration and management solution that provides a unified approach to operating mobile networks. It is composed of modular solutions for application monetization, vendor-agnostic automation, multi-domain operations, fine-grain observability, and cloud management. Service orchestration, management, and observability are at the heart of digital operations and automation. Leveraging Big Data analytics, business intelligence, and a comprehensive suite of CI/CD/CT tooling, UC Ops enables true DevOps capabilities.

With UC Ops, operators can radically simplify the Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) of Any G network functions regardless of the underlying infrastructure. It works across multi-vendor offerings, delivering complete visibility, creating new services dynamically, and monetizing new use cases to accelerate digital transformation.

Why digital operations?

Digital operations and service automation are at the core of mobile network transformation

Venn diagram digital automation

Enhanced Customer Experience
Reduce customer churn with industry-leading performance.

Service Reliability
Support critical customer use cases with always-on service.

Service Velocity
Be first to market with new and differentiated product offerings.

What use cases do service orchestration and management enable?

Multicloud Resource Management

Multicloud Resource Management

Reduce OpEx via flexible infrastructure deployment options.

Multivendor Service Automation

Multivendor Service Automation

Accelerate time-to-market with zero-touch automation of any network function.

5G & Network Edge Evolution

5G & Network Edge Evolution

Simplify migration to next-generation network edge and mobile core technologies.

Monetize 5G

Monetize 5G

Realize revenue opportunities by delivering 5G services.

UnityCloud Operations Functional Overview

Here is an overview of our services orchestration, automation, and management platform:

UnityCloud Ops Unified Architecture

5G monetization

Add applications over the top of our core framework to rapidly deploy new 5G service offerings and quickly monetize trending use cases by leveraging our service activation, subscriber management, and network slicing capabilities.

Core Framework

Our core framework combines the basic OAM functionality required to support a modern telco cloud environment through the coupling of solution components related to automation, management, and observability.

Any Cloud, Anywhere

Provide a common operator experience across any combination of public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure to enable the seamless placement of workloads on the most appropriate infrastructure for each services offering.

Software Management Pipeline

Using a modern DevOps approach, our comprehensive set of CI/CD capabilities dramatically overhauls the software management pipeline to bring the latest features, fixes, and optimizations into production faster than ever before, while our CT approach ensures that what we deliver works.

Actionable Intelligence

Applying the latest machine learning and AI concepts makes big data manageable and allows our customers to extract truly actionable information from the mobile core domain, making the network self-aware and capable of both pro-active and re-active automation.

UnityCloud Operations: Benefits & Features

Reduced service complexity

UnityCloud delivers a common service orchestration, automation, and management platform across multi-domain and multivendor solutions, abstracting communication into a common standard to dramatically simplify operations.

Optimized for the Edge

Supporting a lightweight flexible architecture allows operators to deploy only the OAM components they require, and only to the locations where it makes the best business sense.

Built for the Cloud

Running across any combination of public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure permits operators to reap the value benefits of lowest resource costs and highest levels of availability.

Modern Software Delivery

Our service orchestration provides an automated software delivery, integration, and testing ensures the latest software instantly arrives into a customer environment, while multi-step testing ensures it works the first time.

5G Service Automation

As a mobile core domain manager, UC Ops’ support for 5G network slicing, service activation, and subscriber management permits operation in a best-of-breed, end-to-end stack.

Advanced Observability

Going beyond traditional time-series metrics, UC Ops helps operators achieve complete visibility and reduce assurance costs through subscriber trace data or by digging down into the packet level with native probe support.

Technology Powering UnityCloud Operations



A distributed run-time automation engine supports service models, workflows, and templates to deliver zero-touch, outcome-based tasks.



A centralized, model-based, no-code service recipe cookbook defines the service artifacts, which are fed into the automation engine.



A network function management tool which provides complete lifecycle management using standards-compliant interfaces.

Inventory and portal

Inventory & Portal

A unified front-end to access all other solution components, providing various tools including function inventory and common repositories.

Unitycloud platform

UnityCloud Platform

Our core platform includes custom-built, open-source distributions which are used to drive event, metric, and trace management functions.



An advanced software management pipeline which provides for continuous integration, delivery, and testing services for both software and network automation artifacts.

Affirmed Customers

Customers that use our UnityCloud Operations service orchestration and automation solution:

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