by Cindy Turner

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Winning the Race to Revenue

Five NFV/Cloud Strategies for Turbocharging Service Provider Revenue and Market Share

Go Strategy 1: Maximize Your Speed

Go Strategy 2: Rev Up Revenue

Go Strategy 3: Built to Win

Go Strategy 4: Drive the Real Thing

Go Strategy 5: Use a Winning Team


Five Winning Strategies for Service Providers

Service providers face intense competition for mobile services revenue, not only from other SPs but also non-traditional, over-the-top providers such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. To compete effectively, a service provider needs to do two things extremely well—drive down the cost to build/manage their network and release new revenue-generating services into the market as fast as possible. This requires more than a network transformation, it requires a business transformation. This white paper provides five proven NFV/Cloud strategies for winning the race to revenue.

White Paper: Winning the Race to Revenue