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Affirmed Wi-Fi: How, When and Wi-Fi

Weaving Wi-Fi into your Network Experience through Virtualization

While 4G and LTE have captured much of the media attention, Wi-Fi has quietly become the wireless network of choice for many subscribers. Today, more than half of all mobile traffic (60%) is carried over Wi-Fi networks in homes, offices and public places from coffee shops to shopping malls. With the number of Wi-Fi hotspots expected to quadruple globally to 5.8 million over the next few years, analysts predict that soon as much as 80% of all mobile voice and data traffic will be Wi-Fi based.

After years of building out their networks, fixed and mobile service providers now recognize the strategic necessity of bringing Wi-Fi access into their network experience. Extending their network coverage through Wi-Fi access enables today’s service providers to solve some of their most pressing challenges:

  • It enables network providers to monetize Wi-Fi communications through value-added services (e.g. security, quality, persistent identity);
  • It allows service providers to compete more effectively with over-the-top (OTT) providers such as Skype and WhatsApp;
  • It gives mobile providers a cost-effective alternative to extending their wireless network coverage into “difficult” areas (e.g., in-building coverage);
  • It provides an inexpensive backhaul solution to offload the growing amount of video and data traffic on the macrocellular network

The Wi-Fi Challenge: Seamless Integration

The challenge for fixed and mobile service providers is to seamlessly integrate Wi-Fi voice and data communications into their networks and effectively monetize Wi-Fi access through value-added services that include better quality of experience and seamless session handoff between networks. There are four key areas in which service providers can provide value through network integration. Read More...