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An “Open” Approach to Building 5G Networks

How to Build 5G Networks and transform your Business by Combining Telco-Grade Features with High-Performance Cloud-Native Architectures and Open-Source Technology

Get Ready for a World of Change: 5G isn’t just about redesigning your network around a new set of architectural standards. It’s about rethinking the way you deliver services. In other words, it’s as much a business transformation as a network transformation.

With many 5G opportunities on the horizon, communications service providers (CSPs) need to mimic web-scale companies that are cloud-native and therefore born into a world of efficiency, scalability, and agility. Web-scale companies leverage cloud-based architectures for a competitive advantage and place a premium on open-source systems that allow rapid innovation, integration, and collaboration.

To compete effectively, CSPs also need to adopt open-source, cloud-native strategies as part of their next-gen transformation. However, CSPs are different from web-scale companies and face different cost constraints because, unlike their over-the-top (OTT) competitors, CSPs still need to provide “Telco-grade” services that have higher availability and regulatory concerns.


About this white paper

This whitepaper will explain how CSPs can compete more effectively to build 5G services and dramatically reduce their operational costs by as much as 90 percent by delivering services using:

  • Cloud-native architecture that increases software velocity and reduces time and complexity of capacity and high availability planning
  • Open-source technology that provides a common infrastructure for orchestration, service assurance, and API management
  • “Telco-grade” cloud capabilities that support multi-network interfaces, data plane acceleration, integrated network probes and more