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Going Mobile with Affirmed on AWS

Need to Grow Your Mobile Services Revenue Fast? The Answer is Affirmed on Amazon Web Services.

What do you get when you combine the world’s leading virtualized mobile core solution with the world’s largest cloud platform? A world of opportunity to make more money, more quickly from mobile services.

The battle for new mobile services will be fought in the cloud. Mobile traffic is expected to increase ten-fold in the coming years, while revenue for traditional services (e.g., voice, data, messaging) remains flat. The new revenue opportunities will be found in the next wave of mobile services, which will be both highly personalized on the consumer side and, in the case of IoT applications, highly mechanized. In order to accelerate innovation, scale efficiently to meet rising demands and deliver new services at a competitive price-point, mobile service providers must transition from a costly legacy network architecture to a virtualized, cloud-based environment.

To date, all of this has been easier said than done. Most network equipment vendors have only recently adopted virtualized platforms and are still catching up to the cloud. Those mobile operators that have adopted virtualized cloud platforms have made a significant investment in re-envisioning their networks for a cloudbased future. At the vanguard of the cloud revolution is Affirmed Networks and its virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution, Mobile Content Cloud (MCC). With the Affirmed vEPC, mobile service providers can deploy a fully virtualized, cloud native mobile core—the first in the industry—to dramatically reduce costs and accelerate service creation and revenue through advanced capabilities such as automated service provisioning, real-time analytics and network slicing. Read More...