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Innovating to Increase Revenue

Uniquely Driving Differentiation & Competitive Advantage

The business drivers for mobile operators looking to transform their networks are: 1) Declining revenues due to competition from the OTT service providers; 2) increasing network costs due to the exponential growth of mobile data traffic. Operators began their network transformation initiatives primarily focused on cost reduction through virtualization of their network functions.

During this phase, Affirmed Networks clearly established itself as the industry-first mover in the virtualized mobile core market. This has enabled Affirmed to become the market leader with 79 global customers, in 71 countries with numerous Tier 1 customers in every geography. Affirmed’s innovation produced a virtualized architecture that has driven distinct marketplace disruptor advantages.

By not relying upon a legacy solution and having a multi-year head start, Affirmed has been able to bring to market a unique decomposed Virtual Network Function (VNF) architecture that has driven market leadership in the following ways:

1. Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry via software efficiency and minimal deployment footprint

2. Highest throughput and performance

3. Greatest solution simplicity via a single operating system and sharing of packet metadata across all VNFs

4. Fastest new service launch through use of integrated service chaining (Workflow); rapid provisioning of gateway and internet services functions as part of an end-to-end combined solution Read More...

Innovating to Increase Revenue