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Open Networking Survey Report


Light Reading/Heavy Reading and Linux Foundation Networking are very excited to present the results of a study we executed in collaboration with our sponsors.

We joined forces to deliver a multi-faceted look at the open networking technologies and solutions that will help telecom and cloud service providers transform their networks to achieve greater agility and flexibility. The survey covered the hottest open networking topics in the industry: open networking performance, automation, cloud-native architectures, big data and analytics, software-defined networking (SDN) and management and orchestration (MANO).

Heavy Reading worked closely with the project’s sponsors to develop a survey to glean insightful, intelligent and meaningful information. In late August 2018, email invitations were sent to contacts in the Light Reading database. After culling disqualified and incomplete entries, we tallied 150 valid responses from nearly 100 different communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide.

The largest group of respondents, 48%, work for converged CSPs – those with both fixed and mobile networks. Mobile CSPs made up a quarter of the sample, while wireline and cable/satellite operators made up 22%. The remainder of the sample came from other CSPs like wholesalers and submarine cable operators.

A little more than half of respondents, 57%, came from North America. Relatively equal portions came from Europe and Asia/Pacific – 17% for the former, and 14% for the latter. Respondents from Central/South America comprised 8% of the sample, and those from Middle East/Africa represented 4%.  Read More...