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Orchestration: Get Ready for the Platform Revolution

The Big Picture

Service providers could save, on average,the equivalent of their entire capital budget through orchestration, according to some. This is just from greater operational efficiency, without taking into account the increased agility it could deliver. Yet orchestrating services end to end across virtualized and physical infrastructure,
including partners’ networks, is proving to be one of the most difficult operational challenges for communications service providers and their suppliers.

Part of the problem is defining what it means. Yes, it’s about automation, but automating what and where exactly? How is it implemented? What are the most important steps or architectural features? How should it be accomplished? And perhaps most importantly, where’s the business case?

These are the kinds of questions we set out to answer in this, our inaugural Insights Research report on the topic. We surveyed more than 50people at 33 service providers (respondents were fairly evenly split between the network and IT sides of the organizations)to ask them how they define orchestration and why it’s important to their businesses.

It's all about Agility

One thing is clear: The biggest reason service providers are interested in both network virtualization and automation is agility. About 75 percent of all survey  respondents ranked the ability to offer service on demand, with updates in realtime, and to deliver services to customers more quickly in their top three drivers. By comparison, only about10 percent put reducing capital expenditure in the top three. For most operators, the end goal is supporting zero-touch customer self-service, and this requires comprehensive end-to-end automation of both operational and lifecycle processes. Read More...