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Solution Brief

Preparing for the Future with Virtualized EPC

Affirmed Networks* Mobile Content Cloud* offers mobile network operators the agility and flexibility necessary to keep up with traffic demand, to create, provision, and launch new services in a matter of days, and the chance to reduce overall total cost of ownership by as much as 67 percent.

What if mobile network operators (MNO) could keep up with burgeoning network traffic, cost effectively launch new services, and still reduce total cost of ownership? Affirmed Networks* Mobile Content Cloud* enables all that and more. A virtualized evolved packet core (vEPC) solution, the Mobile Content Cloud is qualified on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Helion* OpenStack* CarrierGrade platform.

Through clustered virtual network functions, independent scaling of the userplane (I/O capacity) and the control-plane (session capacity), and service functions chaining, the Mobile Content Cloud offers a unique level of elasticity and flexibility. Affirmed Networks has crafted a compelling vEPC offering that provides the performance mobile network operators need along with unbounded scalability and the proven compatibility required for future upgrades in a rapidly changing market. In collaboration with Intel and HPE*, Affirmed Networks deploys the Mobile Content Cloud on the HPE* NFVI platform based on Intel® architecture to increase service agility and improve capacity planning on mobile networks. Affirmed and HPE VNF portfolio complement, and a complete end-to-end software solution is available using the elements from the partners.

In Search of More for Less

Mobile network traffic is skyrocketing. For example, traffic on AT&T’s* national wireless network grew approximately 1,000x between 2007 and 2014. Mobile network operators (MNOs) must find a way to cost effectively keep pace with this traffic, while at the same time launching new services that drive new revenue streams.

Traditional approaches to adding capacity and services, however, fail on two fronts: network buildout using purpose-built physical hardware is expensive, and deploying new services on such hardware can take two to three years—time MNOs cannot afford.

Recognizing the pitfalls of physical build out, forward-looking MNOs are increasing capacity and launching new services through network function virtualization (NFV). This virtualized approach can reduce capital expenses through the use of standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware.  Virtualized network infrastructure can also reduce operating expenses due to centralized management and orchestration (MANO).  Read More...