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White Paper

Three Critical Capabilities for CSPs to Deliver Internet of Things Profitability

Executive Summary

Communication service providers (CSPs) are capitalizing on enterprises’ demand for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. And while there are a lot of opportunities, CSP’s IoT business units are faced with challenges in meeting profitability metrics. In this whitepaper, we will discuss three capabilities that CSPs can use to drive profitability while helping their enterprise customers lower operating costs and increase revenues with IoT solutions.

In a strongly competitive global economy, enterprises are:

1. Carefully re-designing critical operational processes including logistics, inventory management, asset monitoring, equipment repair, fleet tracking and others to lower operating and capital costs. These improvements can make the difference between average and superior financial performance.

2. Continuously launching new products and services like predictive maintenance, connected cars, and smart tools based on a better understanding of customers’ requirements to create long-term competitive advantage.

As trusted technology advisors and partners to enterprises, IoT CSPs have the opportunity to offer enterprises a complete IoT solution comprised of cloud-based/virtualized network connectivity, application enablement, and a robust automation platform. Improvements to these three areas can free a CSP’s IoT business unit to deploy new network- and application-based services rapidly; create new customer segmented offers; layer-on additional security features; and lower ongoing costs through automation of operational systems and IoT transactional processes. These capabilities can address IoT CSPs’ critical challenges of increasing speed to deploy new services, adding dynamic scaling both up and down, and enhancing overall solution security. All in all, these capabilities will drive long-term IoT CSP profitability by lower operating expenses and increasing innovation. Read More...