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Updated*—Best Practices for Mobile Data Optimization

*Because Everything You Know About Optimization is Obsolete

Have you noticed that most discussions about the future of mobile communications start by trotting out the same Four Horsemen of the 5G Apocalypse? An unprecedented flood of mobile traffic is surging toward carriers, driven by rising video consumption. Meanwhile, over-the-top (OTT) competitors are re-directing revenue streams into their own pockets. And don’t forget the Internet of Things, which promises to add a billion new devices to an already crowded mix. In the midst of all this, traditional services revenue is flat or shrinking.

You would be right to see these things as a cause for alarm. But you should also see them as a cause for optimization. By optimizing the size of Internet traffic—and video traffic in particular—mobile carriers can maximize their network resources and reduce their costs while also delivering a better experience to users.

Granted, optimization isn’t the first thing you think of when someone mentions innovation. Most mobile carriers have some kind of legacy optimization solution left over from the days of 3G, and these tend to scale poorly when faced with the demands of 4G and 5G. Affirmed, however, has taken a different approach to optimization.

In our white paper on mobile data optimization best practices, we’ll look at how Affirmed’s vision of optimization helps mobile carriers improve their quality of experience and increase the quantity of services they can deliver with their existing network. Read More...