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Winning the Race to Revenue

How NFV/Cloud Solutions Drive Revenue Today and Turbocharge Your Path to 5G

The race to digital services revenue is underway, and competition is coming from all sides: not just traditional service providers, but from established cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) and over-the-top (OTT) applications you haven’t even heard of yet. Consumers and corporations have made it clear that whoever can deliver the next big thing in digital services will win their business, whether it’s their mobile service provider or Amazon or some cloud start-up. Instead of the big eating the small, in the new digital services economy, the fast will eat the slow.

OTT competitors have already made an aggressive bid for traditional telco services, with McKinsey & Company predicting that OTT market share for messaging and mobile voice services could reach as high as 60 percent and 25 percent, respectively, by the end of this year. Now, the race is on to win the coveted enterprise and 5G digital services markets that will support next-generation applications such as smart buildings and immersive/augmented gaming experiences.

To compete, communications service providers (CSP) need to transform their networks and transform their business now. Replacing legacy solutions with “lift and shift” virtualized replacements from the same vendors won’t win the race. CSPs need a web-scale, cloudnative network architecture that is built to deliver next-gen digital services from the ground up. These networks must deliver ultra-high performance and advanced features such as network slicing, service automation and real-time analytics that can radically accelerate service creation and drive down network costs. Read More...