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Affirmed Networks Named Finalist in Light Reading’s Leading Lights Award Program

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We are pleased to have been named as a finalist in this year’s “Leading Lights” awards program run by Light Reading, one of the industry’s most-respected sources of news and analysis.

By being among the finalists in the category “Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy”, Affirmed Networks is being recognized for the successful launch of its 5G Mobile Core solution. Introduced in February 2018, Affirmed’s 5G Mobile Core became the first-commercially deployed 5G solution with trials with Tier 1 operators in North America and the Middle East.

The Affirmed Networks’ 5G Mobile Core, built on a web-scale architecture enabling rapid creation of new services and unlimited scale, delivers unrivaled capabilities including:

  • Support for 5G New Radio (NR), the new global 5G radio standard that provides major performance, cost and efficiency improvements over previous wireless technologies
  • New industry benchmark for network performance delivering over 150 Gbps throughput on a single Intel ® Xeon ® server
  • A cloud native microservices architecture
  • Automated service provisioning across legacy, virtualized and multi-vendor environments with Affirmed Service Automation Platform (ASAP)
  • Fine grained network slicing with the Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF)
  • Integrated virtual probes providing real time intelligence and service assurance with Affirmed Networks’ vProbe and Analytics solution
  • A distributed architecture (CUPS) to support high bandwidth low latency applications and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Multi-access support – Cellular, WiFi, Fixed Line

The winners across all of the award categories will be revealed during the opening event of Light Reading’s Big Communications Event, Monday, May 14 at Brazos Hall in Austin, Texas.

We are incredibly honored to be recognized for the hard work of our entire team as we continue to help our global customers stay competitive in the explosive mobile data market, while also preparing for the arrival of 5G. We would like to congratulate the other finalists in our category for the impressive contributions they are making for the good of our industry.

See y’all in Texas!

“Can-du:” Affirmed Provides Virtualized Mobile Core Network to Innovative UAE Telecom Service Provider

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At MWC 2018 in Barcelona, Affirmed Networks was proud to announce our selection by du, a UAE-based telecommunications service provider from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC).  du has us to provide an industry-leading 3GPP core network based on our Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) mobile core, enabling a wide range of smart city use cases.

As Mohammed Shanableh, co-founder of Affirmed, puts it, “It’s not just a tactical point solution. Du wanted a software-based model for the end-to-end service, not just the core. They didn’t think only about an IOT vertical. The model applies to different traffic types, so they are building for the future. Smart cities is the trigger point to start the activity, but they’ve thought about the intelligence in software, subscriber management, all the things around the sensors and devices, and all verticals.”

Selecting Affirmed for “Softwarization”
“Can-du:” Affirmed Provides Virtualized Mobile Core Network to Innovative UAE Telecom Service Provider

Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company/du, and Mohammed Shanableh, Affirmed Networks’ Vice President, Global Operations, formalize a partnership between the two companies at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

du’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, Salim Al Balooshi, shared his sentiments regarding their selection of Affirmed during a recent interview in Barcelona. “We selected Affirmed for the ‘softwarization’ of the infrastructure because they align with our goals of efficiency and time-to-market. 5G is about ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency and connected devices and IOT. It is use-case based. Smart Cities is an important pillar in making Dubai customers’ lives easier and helping them interact with the government in the simplest way.”

du is the platform provider for Smart Dubai and has many UAE firsts to its credit, including introduction of Pay by the Second® billing system, IPTV and self-service portal. The award-winning telecommunications service provider serves 9 million individual customers and over 100,000 UAE businesses with mobile, fixed line, broadband internet, and Home services over its 4G LTE network.

The operator will use Affirmed Networks’ NB-IoT solution on its fully virtualized native cloud open-stack environment and Affirmed’s Virtualized Mobile Core and virtualized WiFi Gateway to deliver VoWiFi and fixed wireless services as part of a innovative deployment strategy that allows them to leverage capabilities such as network slicing as part of a fully virtualized, software defined native cloud core network that prepares them to elegantly move to 5G.

Helping Carriers Move to 5G

Affirmed’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a software-based platform running on standard multi-core hardware, allowing telecom operators to move towards 5G.

According to Al Balooshi:”Adopting Affirmed Networks ensures we have a 5G-ready core network with slicing to serve enterprise as well as consumer use cases. The cooperation in 5G and IoT development is essential to realize UAE leaders’ vision to build the smartest city and to be on top of the technological evolution.”

By embracing new technologies such as NB-IoT, VoWiFi and Fixed LTE, du is now able to add new revenue generating services while achieving better network utilization and improving customer quality of experience.  The Affirmed team looks forward to continuing our work with du as they transform their network toward 5G.

Affirmed Networks currently has more than 78 customers around the world, who, like du see software based networks as being critical to efficiently delivering a host of new services as the industry moves to 5G.

View the Fierce Wireless interview: Affirmed Networks and Du discuss 5G, Smart Cities.

Affirmed Networks Joins the Debate – Core vs. Edge in a 5G World?

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As always, MWC 2018 was a whirlwind of customer meetings, demos, and meeting with industry influencers. In addition to all this activity, Affirmed Networks’ Chief Architect, Ron Parker, participated in a lively session about which part of the network would be most critical in a 5G world.

Affirmed’s Ron Parker advocates the importance of the Network Core in a 5G world during a session at MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

The session, led by Dr. Bi Qi President of China Telecom Technology Innovation Center, which was titled “Debate: Do 5G Business Cases Depend More on Core or Edge Upgrades,” featured an impressive group of representatives from across the global telecom industry, who were split into teams to advocate one side over another. During the session, much of the debate centered on highlighting the unique business cases that are being built around 5G technologies, and how those are influencing the business and technology roadmaps of operators globally.

A proud member of “Team Core,” Parker’s views focused on the importance of a 5G core in terms of its ability to deliver, tailored “slices” of the network to enterprise customers, offering significant growth prospects for network operators offering connected services such as IoT and M2M.

Affirmed Networks Joins the Debate - Core vs. Edge in a 5G World?

Affirmed’s Ron Parker participates in a panel of thought-leaders from companies such as China Telecom, ECI, Qualcomm, ZTE, and others.

As expected, both sides presented articulate views and informed insights to support their respective sides, offering the audience a unique opportunity to hear perspectives directly from some of the leaders responsible for helping the industry move to 5G. Following the impassioned debate, fortunately, both sides parted amicably — mutually agreeing on the significant growth opportunity that 5G will provide across the ecosystem.

One of the panel’s more vocal participants, Parker offered several perspectives, including a closing remark highlighting the importance of 5G:

“The future of mobile networks is here today. Cloud-native and virtualized, the 5G-ready core networks being deployed by today’s innovative operators are enabling a new breed of customized slices, services and revenue streams over the years ahead.”

“The future of mobile networks is here today. Cloud-native and virtualized, the 5G-ready core networks being deployed by today’s innovative operators are enabling new breed of customized slices, services and revenue streams over the years ahead.” -Ron Parker, Chief Architect, Affirmed Networks

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Affirmed Focuses on What’s Happening Now

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At Mobile World Congress 2018, you’ll hear 5G is the future. For Affirmed, the future is now. This year, Affirmed Networks is showcasing the industry’s first 5G, web-scale mobile core solution that’s field proven and available for deployment now.

Affirmed is proud to be participating again this year at GSMA’s 2018 Mobile World Congress. Affirmed will be in Hall 2, booth #2D50 throughout the event, lasting from February 26 to March 1, 2018.

At booth #2D50, you can expect to see demonstrations that will include Cloud Native, 5G, Control and User Plane Services, Network Slicing, Service Automation, and Virtual Probe and Analytics.

Schedule a meeting with Affirmed Networks and see firsthand, what is happening in the mobile industry now.

Accelerating the 5G Revolution

5G is changing the way communications service providers build their networks, which need to be more flexible, more scalable, more intelligent, and less expensive to operate. As the leader in virtualized mobile networks, Affirmed leads the way in accelerating network transformation to a next-generation virtualized architecture.

The Affirmed Networks’ 5G Mobile Core provides operators the opportunity to offer unique and highly customized service and optimize service delivery to their customers.

At booth #2D50, we will showcase our fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile network platform. Much more than a working concept, we’re showing a complete, proven solution that’s already hard at work in the world’s leading mobile networks: AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Digicel, and many more. You won’t want to miss it.

Affirmed will also have a presence with many of our technology partners, including VMware, HPE, Tech Mahindra, RedHat, Coriant, and Juniper Networks.

Do 5G Business Cases Depend More on Core or Edge Upgrades?

How can 5G technologies influence the timing and roadmaps of mobile operators globally? On Thursday, March 1st Angela Singhal Whiteford, Affirmed’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, will debate the business cases to be built around 5G technologies, and how that can influence the timings and technology roadmap of operators globally.

Whiteford will speak alongside industry experts including Dr. QiBi, President of China Telecom, Hayim Porat, CTO of ECI Telecom, Tommy Bjorkberg, CTO of ZTE, Balazs Bertenyi, Chairman of 3GPP, Alan Carlton, MD & VP for Europe at Interdigital, and Durga Malladi, SVP of Engineering at Qualcomm. Learn more about the debate here.

Schedule a Meeting with Affirmed at Mobile World Congress 2018

At Mobile World Congress 2018, we’ll share a fascinating look at the reality of ‘now’ in the mobile industry.

Want to make 5G a reality now? Meet with us at MWC ’18 at booth #2D50 in Hall 2. Schedule meeting.