by Cindy Turner

Powering the World Wide Wireless Web

A New Beginning for the World Wide Web

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, a new model for global connectivity is emerging: one that is mobile-first and driven by seamless, wireless access. In this next-generation of mobile-centric infrastructure, the old axioms of the World Wide Web will either fade away or evolve to become part of a more powerful and ubiquitous mobile universe. Affirmed Networks believes this change will manifest itself in these key areas:

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Mobile First
Exponential growth of mobile devices and apps drives richer customer experiences and changes how identities, subscribers, data and content are managed.

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Dynamic & Seamless Connectivity
Connectivity for users and applications is tailored to become dynamic, seamless, instantaneous and transparent.

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Distributed Intelligent Edge
Services move to a smart network edge that is optimized, automated and service-aware for secure, high-speed, low-latency services.

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Cloud-Native Core
End-to-end mobile networks that are built on an open, webscale architecture, with a Cloud-Native core for “any G” delivery.

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Network services and functions move into the cloud for better performance, efficiency, agility and scalability.

Affirmed Networks: The Power Behind the New Wireless Web

The arrival of a new kind of World Wide Web centered on mobile experiences has already begun, and Affirmed Networks is at the heart of this momentous shift. We are powering the new World Wide WIRELESS Web. Come join us.

What WIRELESS brings to the World Wide Web

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Mobile First
Exponential growth in the number of mobile devices and applications will enrich user experiences and drive new approaches to identity, subscriber, data and content management.

Digital identity and preferences will port seamlessly between devices irrespective of locations. Real-time insights into service and customer behavior will drive personalized interactions and ensure network quality matches the needs of both consumer and enterprise subscribers.

Affirmed Networks’ end-to-end solutions for IoT, Virtual Probe & Analytics and Integrated VAS provide the foundation to manage and monetize the next generation of services, applications with end-to-end visibility and automation.

Dynamic & Seamless Connectivity
Subscribers will no longer be tied to a one-size-fits-all network experience. They’ll move seamlessly between cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and Wi-Fi networks for the best combination of quality, cost and security.

Operators will deliver this experience through dynamic and seamless connectivity that matches subscriber requirements with their own personalized “slice” of the network. Enterprises will look to partner with diverse entities to deliver new wireless services to their customers using mobile devices.

Affirmed Networks’ Any G solution with network slicing and virtualized Wi-Fi helps enterprises and mobile operators deliver customized network experience, improve network coverage, and deliver differentiated services. With Affirmed, operators can automatically create new network slices to serve up customized connectivity over LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and more.

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WWWW logo

Distributed Intelligent Edge
A new wave of low-latency, high-bandwidth services will move mobile services from the core to the edge of the network. This mobile edge computing (MEC) will support disruptive use cases including real-time video streaming, IoT applications, and VR/AR experiences. It will allow mobile operators and enterprises to maximize the intelligent edge and enable smart access to data applications and resources in a secure environment.

Affirmed Networks’ Cloud Edge allows operators to bring core services closer to the consumers for better, richer experiences, while ensuring better performance through minimum latency, maximum efficiency at a lower cost.

Virtualized & Cloud-Native Core
Mobile operators will need to move from physical networks to a webscale, cloud-native architecture as they look to support 5G use cases such as smart factories, drone deliveries, connected cities, virtual reality gaming and self-driving cars.

These use cases demand high speeds, low latencies and network self-assurance, as well as an agile service creation and deployment environment for DevOps teams that enables innovation and avoids vendor lock-in.

Affirmed Networks’ UnityCloud 5g core platform is the industry’s first cloud-native, webscale architecture to use open-source technologies for an NFVI-agnostic network. UnityCloud features zero-touch automation and orchestration to reduce service creation and deployment time from months to days.

WWWW logo

WWWW logo

Cloud-based services are rapidly replacing traditional premise-based IT solutions and applications. The shift to the cloud began in the enterprise space and has now moved to mobile network operators (MNOs).

MNOs are migrating their network functions and applications into the cloud to reduce OpEx and CapEx costs, as well as increase network agility and scalability. The cloud becomes the new delivery model for digital and network services including mobile core as a service, as MNOs transition to digital service providers.

Affirmed Networks offers a pure cloud, fully virtualized portfolio with no legacy strings attached. Affirmed helps MNOs embrace innovation and migrate smoothly to a cloud-native environment built for 5G and beyond.


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