Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function

Fine-Grained Network Slicing Across Legacy, Virtualized, Multi-Vendor and Future 5G Networks

Currently, operators are restricted to the use of Access Point Names (APNs) to allocate network resources. This approach is both time consuming and highly inefficient, requiring configuration across multiple network elements and does not offer fine-grained control of network resources. As a result, overall profitability of services is diminished as operators are unable to effectively optimize network resources.

A More Profitable Network, Any Way You Slice It

The Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF) solves these challenges by delivering a “one-touch” centralized function that transparently inserts into existing networks, requiring no configuration changes, making it easy to build network slices across any network. The Affirmed vSSF allows network resources to be allocated by any conceivable attribute, giving operators unprecedented flexibility and control in assigning network resources to meet the needs of a specific service. Mobile operators can now deliver differentiated services with maximized profitability and exceptional quality of experience. The Affirmed vSSF represents the industry’s only solution capable of providing network slicing over legacy, virtualized, and multi-vendor network environments both today and in the future over 5G.

Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function

Features and Benefits

  • Any “G” Solution
    • Only offering to support network slicing across legacy and virtualized networks.
    • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G
  • Cloud Native Architecture
    • Stateless VM for independent operation and placement
  • Transparent Introduction
    • No configuration changes to existing network nodes (DNS, MME/SGSN, SGW/PGW/GGSN). Nodes are unaware of the vSSF
    • Open architecture – works in multivendor environments
  • Flexible Slicing Criteria
    • IMSI (-Range), IMEI, Source Node, APN, RAT, GW Loading, Time of Day, External Policy, Device Location and more
  • Simplified Operations
    • Centralized function for managing all resource selection
    • Single point of managing all GW selection
    • Visual view of GW distribution/ loading
  • Reduced Network Costs
    • Minimal Product Introduction Cost – No Peer changes
    • Operational Cost Reduction – DNS simplification, simplify network operations, shorter maintenance windows
    • No stranded investment – vSSF will evolve to the 3GPP Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)


Watch the video above to learn about Affirmed industry-first approach to Network Slicing.


Chris Bachalo, Director of Service Provider Cloud Solutions at Juniper Networks, and Angela Whiteford, VP of Marketing and Product Management for Affirmed Networks, discuss the business cases for implementing network slicing.

Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function
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