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Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)

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Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)

by Cindy Turner

Affirmed Networks’ virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) solution offers mobile network operators the agility and flexibility necessary to keep up with traffic demand, to scale their networks and deliver differentiated services tailored to specific use cases such as: Consumer, IoT, private LTE, Wi-Fi, GiLAN, VoLTE, CUPs, fixed wireless, edge compute and 5G services. Affirmed Networks is recognized as a leading vEPC vendor.

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Affirmed’s virtualized evolved packet core architecture supports capabilities that include CUPS, 5G NSA, network slicing, integrated virtual probe, virtualized DPI, GiLAN, analytics and security services, virtualized Wi-Fi, and automation and orchestration solution. Mobile network operators can achieve as much as 90% reduction in OpEx and 60% in CapEx savings at the lowest TCO by integrating all major network functions with Affirmed’s integrated GiLAN and virtual probe.

vEPC diagram

Innovation in the Mobile Core

Mobile Core Transforming the Telecommunications Industry

3GPP Compliant Open Architecture
3GPP Compliant SGSN, MME, GGSN, SGW and PGW to support network services for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and VoLTE on a standards-based, open architecture reducing risk and eliminating vendor lock-in.

Hosted Virtual Evolved Packet Core in Public Cloud
Deliver innovative 4G and 5G services over a scalable cloud infrastructure, test new markets cost-effectively without the excessive capital investment with Affirmed’s mobile network as a service solution, a cloud-based offering providing a scalable, flexible mobile network in any cloud.

Mobile Core Delivers Over 168 Gbps Throughput
Affirmed’s mobile core enables operators to lower their cost per bit delivered on the smallest resource footprint by delivering the best network performance of up to 168 Gbps throughput on a single Intel® Xeon® server on any NFVI architecture.

Virtualized Wi-Fi Gateway
Improve and expand network coverage, deliver 5G levels of performance, add new services such as Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi) and enhance consumer experience with Affirmed’s Virtualized Wi-Fi Gateway that combines Wi-Fi functions of ePDG(Evolved Packet Data Gateway) and TWAG (Trusted Wi-Fi Access Gateway) with cellular services on a single platform.

Virtualized GiLAN and DPI Solution
Quickly, easily chain together service features, accelerating new service creation based on the requirement with Affirmed’s virtualized integrated DPI and GiLAN services that offers rich set of customer-centric service and control capabilities including application-based charging, proxy services, TCP optimization, video optimization, security services and more.

Virtualized Network Slicing
Deliver customized and differentiated services based on latency, throughput, security, availability and other requirements with fine-grained network slicing across legacy, virtualized and multi-vendor network environments, using Affirmed’s virtualized Slice Selection Function.

Distributed architecture
Affirmed’s virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) offers distributed architecture (Control and User Plane Separation) to support high bandwidth low latency applications and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

Integrated Virtual Probe
Enhance customer experience by improving network quality with real-time network intelligence using Affirmed’s integrated virtual probe and analytics solution that embeds probe/packet brokering functions into its virtual evolved packet core. Reduce (probing) costs by as much as 50% without impacting network performance or need for additional hardware.

Automated Service Provisioning and Creation
Deliver faster service activation times and self-service capabilities, and reduce OpEx by as much as 77% with automated service provisioning and testing of new services using Affirmed’s automation and orchestration solution.

Affirmed Customers

Turkcell and Affirmed’s Network Virtualization Journey

Turkcell expects 100-fold data growth through 2025, with just 1% revenue increase, on a network serving 35 million subscribers in Turkey and the surrounding region.

AT&T named four suppliers for its Domain 2.0 initiative. Affirmed Networks will be a key vendor in supplying an essential piece of AT&T’s next-generation network puzzle: vEPC.
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Vodafone deploys Affirmed Networks NFV solution to deliver Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Connected Car Services.Read More

Etisalat successfully on-boarded its first virtualized telecom function using Affirmed Networks’ virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution.Read More

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