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Network Slicing

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Network Slicing

by Cindy Turner

Network slicing is fundamental to operators supporting diverse services, each with specific requirements, on a common network platform. Slicing enables operators to configure virtual network instances, optimized for a specific customer or service, more quickly and at a lower cost. The Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF) enables fine-grained network slicing across legacy, virtualized and multi-vendor environments.

Automated Slicing and Service Assurance

What is Network Slicing?

Network slicing enables operators to configure virtual network instances that are optimized to the specific functional requirements of a customer or application. This can be done more quickly and at lower cost than building traditional dedicated networks, which basically opens up the network to handling all kinds of use cases. But MNOs don’t need to wait for 5G to monetize and optimize differentiated mobile services. They can begin doing it right now with their existing network — legacy, virtualized, multi-vendor, using Affirmed’s vSSF.

Network Slicing Diagram

Affirmed’s Network Slicing

Centralized Function to Steer Traffic
vSSF is a centralized slicing function that steers traffic to specific gateways without the need to make configuration changes to other network elements.

Steer Traffic by Criteria or Policy
Traffic can be steered based on a variety of criteria including IMSI, IMEI, location, RAT type or an external policy such as plan type, time-of-day, quote etc.

Reduce Time-to-Market and Operational Costs
Combining the vSSF with other Affirmed innovations, such as the Affirmed Service Automation Platform,  operators can rapidly deploy network slices and new revenue-generating services, reducing the time-to-market and operational costs by as much as 90%.

User Level Dynamic Service Control
Provides fine-grained, dynamic service control at the per-user level.

Legacy, Virtualized or Multivendor Environment
vSSF can be deployed in a legacy, virtualized or multivendor environment.

Industry Comments

“Mobile platform startup Affirmed Networks isn’t waiting for advanced, high-bandwidth 5G mobile networks to exist before it deploys a virtualization technology known as “slicing” — it says that operators want it now.”

Futuriom Article: Affirmed Pushes Network Slicing Ahead of 5G

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