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Affirmed UnityCloud

by Cindy Turner

Webscale 5G Core Technology to Drive the Telco Digital Transformation

Affirmed UnityCloud™ is a 5G core (5GC), cloud-native solution built on an open, webscale architecture that enables mobile operators to build the most innovative 5G core network, and dramatically reduce the costs of operating the network up to 90% by simplifying and automating network functions. UnityCloud converges “Any G” core, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks, and wireline core, onto one unified platform, greatly simplifying the overall network architecture.

Watch the Overview video and learn how Affirmed UnityCloud 5G core solution brings together all Gs.

The Affirmed UnityCloud 5G core SA (standalone) solution consists of a standard PaaS layer that is fully integrated and automated, so MNOs can quickly respond to changing market needs providing them freedom from vendor lock-in based on legacy network solutions and an operations and policy manager (OPM) that automates, creates policies and launches dashboards. It allows extreme flexibility to run services wherever needed to meet the requirements of the customer and service.

Affirmed UnityCloud Architecture

Here is an overview of UnityCloud 5G Core architecture:

5G Core UnityCloud diagram

Innovation platform
Deploy new services or enter new markets in days or weeks vs months with increased service agility. UnityCloud 5G core minimizes the costs and risks of deploying new services, enabling a ‘fail-fast’ approach, opening up new opportunities to serve smaller audiences or enterprises that are not profitable with legacy networks.

Fully Integrated and Automated PaaS
Affirmed’s cloud-native 5G core includes a standards-based PaaS layer that leverages best-of-breed open-source technologies including container lifecycle management, database, metrics, logs and tracing for rapid delivery of new and innovative services.

Supports 5G NR
Provides major performance, cost and efficiency improvements over previous wireless technology.

Automatic networks
Achieve zero-touch end-to-end service orchestration and automation and auto-scaling of the network without human involvement. Easily create, update and delete software versions using Kubernetes’ dynamically orchestrated microservices. UnityCloud 5G core supports multi-vendor network function automation.

Any G
Simplify network management and reduce costs by converging all networks including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and wireline services into one, eliminating the need to maintain parallel legacy networks.

Self-assured networks
Complete network visibility with built-in monitoring, tracing, alerting, performance and management to know exactly how the network is performing.

Build once, deploy anywhere
Ensure services meet the needs of customers with the ability to Run/ deploy anywhere in the network from core to edge and in public, hybrid or private clouds. Critical or latency-sensitive services can be deployed close to the customer or even at the customer premise to deliver the performance and low-latency requirements.

Cloud-native architecture
Built on a cloud-native, microservices architecture, UnityCloud enables operators to improve network economics by providing an NFVI agnostic architecture that comes with industry’s best performance at the lowest TCO.

Non-stop networks
Achieve 6 nines availability even when adding new features or functionality with no service interruptions or downtime.

Affirmed Customers

“Affirmed Networks enables us to deliver fast and reliable 5G to our residential and enterprise customers. This supports our vision for providing the best possible customer experience by leveraging the most innovative technology from best of breed vendors.”

Ville Virtanen, Director of Core Networks, DNA

DNA selects and deploys Affirmed Networks as foundation for 5G NSA and SA solution.

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