Home NFV Solutions Virtual Probe & Analytics for Mobile Network Providers

Virtual Probe & Analytics for Mobile Network Providers

Home NFV Solutions Virtual Probe & Analytics for Mobile Network Providers

Virtual Probe & Analytics for Mobile Network Providers

by Cindy Turner

Mobile network operators understand the value of network intelligence to drive business decisions and improve the customer experience. Affirmed Networks delivers the industry’s only virtual probe that embeds probe/packet brokering functions into its Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) rather than delivering as a separate network appliance. Operators can dramatically reduce hardware costs, network complexity and the performance issues typically associated with appliance-based probe solutions while providing real-time network intelligence and probe geographically distributed VNF’s in a scalable, cost-effective manner, reducing current probing costs by as much as 50 percent.

Virtual Probe & Analytics Introduction Video

Affirmed Virtual Probe Diagram

Affirmed’s Virtual Probe and Analytics

Capture Real-time Granular Analytics Using Integrated Virtual Probe

Dramatic Cost Savings
Costs 50% less than external network probing solutions.

Easily Probe Dispersed Networks
Easily probe virtualized network functions—even if dispersed in different networks or different geographies.

Gain real-time insights
Gain real-time insights that can reduce customer churn, generate new service revenue, drive smarter network planning/provisioning and improve the customer experience.

No Performance Degradation
No degradation in performance of the VNF being probed. Alternative virtual probe solutions can cut performance of VNF by 50%.

User-Defined Filtering
Can report session control, subscriber events and subscriber data selectively through user-defined filtering.

Affirmed Customers

How Three UK Is Leveraging Affirmed Networks’ NFV

“Affirmed Networks has designed an innovative technology which will allow us to deliver an even better network for our customers and be more responsive to their needs.”
Phil Sheppard, Three UK’s Director of Network Strategy

Three UK

Three UK selected Affirmed’s cloud-based solutions for Service Awareness, GiLAN services and virtual probe and analytics to enable the transformation of their mobile network.

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Truphone selected Affirmed’s fully virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) with Integrated Wi-Fi Access and vProbe solution to enhance the overall subscriber experience.

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