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by Cindy Turner

Affirmed Networks is an NFV solutions provider that enables operators to say “yes” to the future through its virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions and products. Operators can reduce their CAPEX and OPEX, scale in real-time to handle more traffic, simplify mobile network operations, and rapidly create and launch new services.

Learn how operators can deploy next-gen with Affirmed Networks, a trusted NFV solutions provider.

Virtualized Mobile Network Solutions

Support for wide variety of technologies
Mobile Core support for a wide variety of mobile access, including 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi technologies means you’re ready for whatever the network requirements are.

Real-time Monitoring
Embedded virtual probe delivers real-time network monitoring and analytics.

Reduce Service Creation Time & Costs
UnityCloud Ops is a service automation and orchestration solution that reduces service creation time/costs by as much as 97% through automated service provisioning and configuration.

A Proven Solution
Deployed in more than 85 networks globally including leading networks such as ATT, Vodafone, and Etisalat.

Fine-grained Network Slicing
Affirmed’s virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF) enables fine-grained network slicing across legacy, virtualized or multivendor environments.

Open Architecture
Standards-based, open architecture reducing risk and eliminating vendor lock-in.

Affirmed Customers

“With Affirmed Networks’ proven platform, we have the flexibility to deliver services tailored to the needs of each enterprise quickly and easily over a common network infrastructure.”

Sadahiro Sato, Senior Vice President, SoftBank


Vodafone deploys Affirmed Networks NFV solution to deliver Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Connected Car Services.

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AT&T named four suppliers for its Domain 2.0 initiative. Affirmed Networks will be supplying an essential piece of AT&T’s next-generation network puzzle: vEPC.

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Etisalat Logo

Etisalat expands relationship with Affirmed Networks to drive digital operations and automation

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