Home Affirmed Networks Announces UnityCloud Bringing Together 5G and Webscale Technology to Drive the Telco Digital Transformation

Affirmed Networks Announces UnityCloud Bringing Together 5G and Webscale Technology to Drive the Telco Digital Transformation

Home Affirmed Networks Announces UnityCloud Bringing Together 5G and Webscale Technology to Drive the Telco Digital Transformation

Affirmed Networks Announces UnityCloud Bringing Together 5G and Webscale Technology to Drive the Telco Digital Transformation

by Affirmed

Dramatically reduces costs and simplifies the network by converging all networks into one (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Wireline)

Enables rapid deployment of services to serve new markets with an innovation platform

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, May 21, 2019 – Affirmed Networks, the leader in virtualized mobile networks, today announced the introduction of the Affirmed UnityCloud™, a webscale, cloud-native 5G core solution that allows mobile operators to seamlessly converge multiple networks into one unified network.  The UnityCloud solution is currently engaged in several trials with tier one operators globally that are building 5G Standalone (SA) networks.

Affirmed UnityCloud significantly improves network economics by converging ‘Any G’, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and wireline core on to one unified core.  This eliminates the need for operators to maintain parallel legacy networks dedicated to just one service.

Affirmed UnityCloud is an innovation platform that helps operators quickly create and deploy new consumer, enterprise and IoT services.  Operators can deploy new services in weeks vs. months to rapidly respond to market demands and compete with competitors.  UnityCloud’s true microservice architecture enables automated fine-grained slicing so the solution can be tailored to the service.  Operators can deploy services directly on enterprise premises when the use case demands, such as oil and gas and industrial automation.

With UnityCloud, operators build once and deploy services anywhere in the network – from the core to edge and on any public, private or hybrid cloud.  Services that are latency or bandwidth-sensitive can be hosted closer to the customer to minimize latency. Alternatively, services could be delivered from the public cloud for better network economics. This flexibility allows operators to deploy mission-critical services on enterprise premise or in their core.

Affirmed UnityCloud is built on four key pillars:

  • Innovation platform that enables operators to easily create and deploy new services with fine-grained network slicing for customized enterprise services
  • Automatic networks that instantiate, orchestrate and scale the network up or down with no human involvement, including closed-loop automation
  • Self-assured networks with observability to ensure minimal latency and maximum performance so Service Level Agreements are met
  • Non-stop networks that provide 6-nines of availability with no service interruptions, even when adding new features or performing software upgrades

Affirmed UnityCloud embraces open source technologies including Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy, Jaeger, and others. Using open-source technology and best-of-breed solutions allows operators to eliminate vendor lock-in and take back control of their network so they can react quickly to market demands and compete more effectively.

A Focus on Continuous Innovation

Affirmed UnityCloud is an evolution of Affirmed’s Mobile Content Cloud (MCC), the leading virtualized 5G NSA solution that is currently deployed in more than 100 service provider networks worldwide. MCC continues to be a leading 5G NSA solution and offers service providers a diverse set of 5G services including consumer mobile, IoT, Wi-Fi, and 5G broadband.

“A telecom transformation is underway. A new generation of networks is being built to connect 50+ billion devices, creating a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity,” said Hassan Ahmed, Chairman, and CEO, Affirmed Networks. “Affirmed is at the forefront of this transformation leading the Telecom industry by delivering on the promise of a new webscale, cloud-native services network. Working with the world’s top operators, we have gained the deployment and technical expertise required to develop solutions that will help their journey to 5G, from any starting point.  In delivering Affirmed UnityCloud, we are enabling operators to aggressively capitalize on the opportunity to serve new markets and win the race to revenues.”


About Affirmed Networks, Inc.

Affirmed Networks was founded to transform the future of the mobile industry.  Our vEPC and cloud-based webscale solutions are enabling operators to change the economics of deploying and scaling networks.  Operators have deployed Affirmed’s NFV solutions to deliver differentiated 5G services including mobile broadband, IoT, carrier-grade Wi-Fi roaming, connected cars and more. Affirmed solutions enable operators to enhance the network experience while achieving as much as a 90% reduction in operational costs. Proven in more than 100+ networks and over 80 countries, our NFV solutions are deployed in the world’s largest networks and provide industry-leading performance and scale coupled with unmatched service agility, accelerating new service innovation, creation, and delivery.