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      GoAffirmed Networks’ fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile solutions enable operators to handle more traffic, simplify network operations and rapidly create and launch new revenue-generating services

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by Cindy Turner

Affirmed Networks' 5G Mobile Core solution is built on a webscale cloud-native architecture enabling rapid creation and delivery of new services, unlimited scale, and a superior customer experience using capabilities such as network slicing, 5G NR, CUPS, real-time analytics and closed-loop automation.

Rapid Service Delivery and Innovation with Affirmed’s 5G Mobile Core

Affirmed 5G Mobile Core Diagram

Affirmed 5G Mobile Core

Rapid Service Delivery and Innovation with Affirmed’s 5G Mobile Core

Virtualized GiLAN and DPI Solution
Quickly, easily chain together service features, accelerate new service creation based on the requirement for DPI, video optimization, proxy services, security, with Affirmed’s virtualized GiLAN and DPI solution.

Over 150 Gbps Throughput
New industry benchmark for network performance delivering over 150 Gbps throughput on a single Intel® Xeon® server.

Expedite service creation using continuous Agile and DevOps methodologies on a cloud-native microservices architecture.

Automated Service Provisioning
Deliver faster service activation times and self-service capabilities, and reduce opex by as much as 77% with automated service provisioning using  Affirmed Service Automation Platform (ASAP).

Virtualized Network Slicing
Deliver customized services with fine-grained network slicing across legacy, virtualized and multi-vendor network environments using Affirmed Virtual Slice Selection Function(vSSF).

Multi-access Support
Support for Cellular, WiFi, Fixed Line.

Integrated Virtual Probes
Efficiently gather real-time network and subscriber intelligence and improve network performance, reduce (probing) costs by as much as 50% with Affirmed Networks’ vProbe and Analytics solution.

Distributed Architecture
A distributed architecture (CUPS) to support high bandwidth low latency applications and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

Supports 5G New Radio Standard
Provides major performance, cost and efficiency improvements over previous wireless technology.

Industry Comments

“Acton-based Affirmed Networks is Already Testing 5G Tech: Telecom giants like Verizon and AT&T are racing to rollout the next generation of mobile networking, and Affirmed Networks wants to help them power it.”

Boston Business Journal


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